Sunday, 16 December 2018


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  • IFR Global 2014 Cover - SP Page

    IFR Review of the Year 2014

    In many ways 2014 was a bumper year for the investment banking industry. Although the year began with a few jitters as the US Federal Reserve changed guard and began to taper its purchases of government and asset-backed securities, asset prices across the markets quickly resumed their upward march of the past five years.

  • IFR Americas Cover - SP Page

    IFR Americas Review of the Year 2014

    They say in Hollywood that nothing dates faster than visions of the future. Those old sci-fi movies look so cheesy now because reality always outpaces our ability to predict it. And predictions for how 2014 would turn out look, in retrospect, pretty outdated indeed.

  • IFR Debt Capital Markets Roundtable 2014 Cover image

    IFR Debt Capital Markets Roundtable 2014

    IFR’s 2nd annual DCM roundtable once again drew together a group of super-senior managers, originators and syndicators whose firms between them account for close to two thirds of total international bond issuance. As with the inaugural event in 2013, it was an opportune moment for the people who run this business to take stock of market developments and provide an update and insight into some of the transformational themes confronting the financing industry.

  • Investing in Midcaps Equities Roundtable 2014 cover image

    IFR Investing in Small and Midcap Equities Roundtable 2014

    IFR’s ‘Investing in Midcap Equities’ Webinar, held in London on October 30, tackled a lot of issues at play in an interesting but often challenging segment of the equity market.

  • IFR India Report 2014 Cover

    IFR India Special Report 2014

    The pivotal moment - India’s capital markets are approaching a pivotal moment. After Narendra Modi’s landslide election victory earlier this year, initial enthusiasm has begun to give way to lingering doubts that the new regime can deliver on its reform agenda.

  • IFR India Offshore Financing Roundtable 2014

    IFR India Offshore Financing Roundtable 2014 (Held in September 2014)

    IFR’s India Offshore Finance Roundtable, held in Mumbai in September, was notable for many reasons. First of all, it took place on the day the new Modi government hit the key milestone of its first 100 days in office.

  • IFR German Corporate Funding Roundtable 2014 Cover image

    IFR German Corporate Funding Roundtable 2014

    Is Germany in a credit bubble, participants were asked at IFR’s 2014 German Corporate Funding Roundtable in September. It was the final question at the end of a thoughtful and insightful discussion. The cascade of answers was enlightening: “no”, “not yet”, “no, but it’s approaching”, “we’re close” and “it’s coming and it won’t be the banks that get hurt this time”.

  • IFR DCM Cover 2014

    IFR DCM Special Report 2014

    Fashion can be a cruel mistress, especially if you’re the only person to turn up at the party with platform sneakers, a tracksuit with “Juicy” scrawled across the derriere, and a green feather boa. Banks are experiencing their own fashion faux pas right now and working hard to maintain their appeal.

  • IFR US ECM Roundtable 2014 Cover

    IFR US ECM Roundtable 2014

    When we started thinking about the timing for a roundtable, we thought the first half of September would be a fantastic time to do it, because it would coincide with a market lull. We were totally wrong.

  • IFR IMF World Bank Report Cover 2014

    IFR IMF/World Bank Report 2014

    Playground rules - The collaborative effort of European governments and regulators is akin to children rushing around the school playground with a football. Enthusiasm and no lack of skill are undermined by issues of translation and the fierce desire of all to score the winning goal.

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