Wednesday, 12 December 2018


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  • IFR Green Bond Roundtable 2015 cover image

    IFR Green Bonds Roundtable 2015

    Few capital markets developments of recent years have matched the rise and rise of green bonds. The sustainable theme has taken the capital markets by storm over the past year throughout the broad ecosystem of issuers, underwriters, investors, rating agencies, second-opinion providers, industry trade bodies and NGOs

  • IFR SSA Report 2015 Cover

    IFR SSA Special Report 2015

    In boxing, the crowd often rallies around the underdog – especially if the fight is in the country that invented the sport. After tumbling to the canvas, Greece has staggered back to its feet and is now risking everything in order to win.

  • IFR Pfandbriefe Roundtable 2015 Cover

    IFR Pfandbriefe Roundtable 2015

    IFR’s 2015 Pfandbriefe Roundtable, held in Frankfurt on January 29 following our 9th annual Covered Bonds conference, was, as ever, a fascinating affair. For all the years IFR has been hosting conferences and roundtables on this segment of the bond market, there has not been a single event that has crystallised opinion to the same extent as the 2015 vintage.

  • IFR Latin America Special Report 2015

    IFR Latin America Special Report 2015

    Rather like the best Spaghetti Westerns, the usual suspects are present in Latin American finance – along with a familiar plot line on the tussle between order and chaos along an unruly frontier.   

  • IFR Turkey Report Cover 2015

    IFR Turkey Special Report 2015

    At a crossroads: To say that Turkey is at a crossroads and must choose its future direction is simply to state an age-old truth: it always has been. Geographically, Turkey is at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, an ornate doorway between two regions. The EU’s endless debates over the merits of letting it join have only emphasised its unique location – while fuelling its frustration.

  • Renminbi Capital Markets 2015

    IFR Renminbi Capital Markets Special Report 2015

    Rising to the challenge: Hype is returning to the renminbi capital markets. After a few lacklustre years for Chinese equities, Shanghai and Hong Kong are on their biggest bull runs in years, while interest rate cuts have lifted interest in renminbi bonds.

  • IFR Private Placements Roundtable 2015 Cover image

    IFR Private Placements Roundtable 2015

    Private placements have received a lot of attention in Europe in the past year to 18 months. They have been captured fully by the Capital Markets Union debate in Europe as a potentially new funding alternative to bank lending for the benefit of SMEs.

  • IFR Eurozone Special Report

    IFR Eurozone Special Report 2015

    Stimulating times: After years of bailouts, downturn, debt, fouls and penalties, it would appear the eurozone first team is finally showing signs of being ready to compete. The technical staff’s promise to do “whatever it takes” to keep the team together gave both players and supporters a lift. And after overcoming question of its legality, the additional stimulus provided by quantitative easing is providing additional confidence that they can cope should

  • IFR Top 250 Borrowers 2015 Cover

    IFR Top 250 Borrowers 2015

    Shifting sands – Credit markets posted yet another year of storming supply, a scene played out in an unnatural landscape constantly reshaped by shifting sands. On the one hand, the US called time on its quantitative easing bond-buying programme; but, on the other, the European Central Bank scrambled up the dunes to proclaim an initiative of its own. In the QE stakes, Frankfurt simply replaced Washington.

  • IFR Bank Capital Roundtable 2015 cover image

    IFR Bank Capital Roundtable 2015

    The Great Bank Capital Debate rumbles on. IFR’s latest event on this evolving topic was held as the TLAC and MREL initiatives wend their way closer to final versions at the same time as banks are – to the extent the rules have been finalised or where the direction of travel is otherwise clear – fine-tuning resolution plans, working towards assumed leverage ratio minimums, and dealing with funding, liquidity and a host of other issues in a world that has become increasingly convoluted.

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