Monday, 22 October 2018


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  • IFR Green Bond Roundtable 2015 cover image

    IFR Green Bonds Roundtable 2015

    Few capital markets developments of recent years have matched the rise and rise of green bonds. The sustainable theme has taken the capital markets by storm over the past year throughout the broad ecosystem of issuers, underwriters, investors, rating agencies, second-opinion providers, industry trade bodies and NGOs

  • IFR Pfandbriefe Roundtable 2015 Cover

    IFR Pfandbriefe Roundtable 2015

    IFR’s 2015 Pfandbriefe Roundtable, held in Frankfurt on January 29 following our 9th annual Covered Bonds conference, was, as ever, a fascinating affair. For all the years IFR has been hosting conferences and roundtables on this segment of the bond market, there has not been a single event that has crystallised opinion to the same extent as the 2015 vintage.

  • IFR Private Placements Roundtable 2015 Cover image

    IFR Private Placements Roundtable 2015

    Private placements have received a lot of attention in Europe in the past year to 18 months. They have been captured fully by the Capital Markets Union debate in Europe as a potentially new funding alternative to bank lending for the benefit of SMEs.

  • IFR Bank Capital Roundtable 2015 cover image

    IFR Bank Capital Roundtable 2015

    The Great Bank Capital Debate rumbles on. IFR’s latest event on this evolving topic was held as the TLAC and MREL initiatives wend their way closer to final versions at the same time as banks are – to the extent the rules have been finalised or where the direction of travel is otherwise clear – fine-tuning resolution plans, working towards assumed leverage ratio minimums, and dealing with funding, liquidity and a host of other issues in a world that has become increasingly convoluted.

  • IFR ECM Roundtable 2015

    IFR European ECM Roundtable 2015

    IFR’s Europe, Middle East and Africa ECM Roundtable was held on June 25 just as Greece had caused European debt issuance to slump. Yet this was an upbeat discussion held amid a flurry of issuance.

  • IFR Future of IBD Roundtable 2015 Cover Image

    IFR Future of IBD Roundtable 2015

    IFR’s Future of IBD Roundtable, covering the primary origination and advisory businesses (capital markets underwriting and advisory), was a fascinating foray into a key set of client-facing businesses. These are businesses that may not have been a target for re-regulatory endeavour but they are businesses that have nonetheless been directly impacted by strategic efforts afoot in play across the industry as a result as banks seek to manage the seminal transformation from bloated revenue-seeking institut

  • IFR German SME Funding Roundtable 2015 Cover image

    IFR German SME Funding Roundtable 2015

    IFR’s 2015 Roundtable on German SME Funding, held on June 16 in Frankfurt, took place in the wake of violent swings in the bond market. Not long before the discussion, volatility in 10-year Bund futures had hit levels it hadn’t seen for three years as the broad market lost its sang-froid.

  • IFR Securitisation Roundtable 2015 Cover image

    IFR Securitisation Roundtable 2015

    IFR’s Securitisation Roundtable – entitled “The Great European Securitisation Debate” – took place on May 28. Even though the general market at that point had turned volatile and Bund yields had been whipsawing, it was long before Greece went into arrears with the IMF and Greeks had voted against the latest austerity package. So the following discussion needs to be read with this in mind.

  • IFR US ECM Roundtable 2015

    IFR US ECM Roundtable 2015

    IFR’s US ECM Roundtable was held on September 15, just ahead of the Federal Reserve’s decision to hold rates for another month. The decision pushed expectations for the start of the rate-tightening cycle into 2016 and extended the accommodative environment that has sustained a bull market.

  • IFR German Corporate Funding Roundtable 2015

    IFR German Corporate Funding Roundtable 2015

    IFR’s latest German Corporate Funding Roundtable, held in Frankfurt on October 15, surveyed the financing and macro landscape not just from the debt and loan capital markets sell-side perspective; senior treasury representatives from three major German-based multinationals – Bayer, Daimler and SAP – additionally offered some fascinating insights into the corporate finance and funding panorama as viewed from the client side.

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