Wednesday, 23 May 2018


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  • IFR Turkey Special Report 2016

    Turkey 2016

    Star turn: In the fluid world of emerging markets, Turkey has this year presented more opportunities than its CEEMEA peers for investors to indulge their views.

  • Top 250 2016

    Top 250 Borrowers 2016

    Strength and depth: Few would claim that conditions in the capital markets could currently be described as normal. Nor that they have they been so for a while now, given the various stimulus programmes that have been enacted around the world in an effort encourage growth in the face of economies flirting with stagnation.

  • IFR Top 250 Borrowers: Methodology & Tables

    The IFR Top 250 Borrowers ranking includes all eligible Thomson Reuters league table borrowings in syndicated loans, international bonds, equity-linked bonds and securitisations from May 1 2015 to April 30 2016. 

  • IFR SSA Special Report 2016

    IFR SSA Special Report 2016

    Consistent performer: A little over a year into the European Central Bank’s quantitative easing programme and the dust is finally beginning to settle. 

  • IFR SRI Special Report 2016

    IFR SRI Special Report 2016

    Green shoots: There are few subjects in the capital markets that have generated more headlines over the past few years than socially responsible investment.

  • IFR Review of the Year Cover 2016

    IFR Review of the Year 2016

    It’s normally fair to say that bankers grumbling about the state of the markets deserve the same sympathy as farmers moaning about the weather. It goes with the territory. And it is up to them to simply get on with it.

  • IFR Latin America Special Report 2016

    IFR Latin America Special Report 2016

    One step forward, one step back: While it has been Argentina that has grabbed the bulk of the recent headlines after finally reaching an agreement with holdout bond investors, there is much more to Latin American capital markets.

  • IFR India Special Report 2016

    IFR India Special Report 2016

    India: Ready for take-off. It has taken some deep surgery, but India’s capital markets are at last on a much stronger footing. Now that regulators have done their part, it is up to investors and business leaders to take the economy to the next level.

  • IFR IMF/World Bank 2016 Special Report

    IFR IMF/World Bank 2016 Special Report

    Global monitor: With 189 member states encompassing virtually the entire globe, the International Monetary Fund is uniquely positioned to monitor the health of the economic environment throughout the world. 

  • IFR Germany Special Report 2016

    IFR Germany Report 2016

    With attention more often than not focused on other parts of the eurozone and the problems faced by countries mainly in the southern part of the region, it is easy to forget that Germany is not without issues of its own.

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