Thursday, 21 June 2018


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  • IFR Optimising Sustainable Finance Report 2017

    IFR Optimising Sustainable Finance Report 2017

    Optimising Sustainable Finance: China’s journey and its impact

  • IFR SSA Special Report 2017

    Up in the air

    While once viewed as the one market sector that could be relied upon to offer a sea of calm within a turbulent world, the sovereign, supranational and agency arena has become increasingly influenced by events that have called previously trusted notions into question.

  • Top 250 Borrowers 2017

    Top 250 Borrowers 2017

    Normality redefined: There comes a time when things have been out of kilter with what would generally be construed as normal for so long that they begin to become accepted as ‘just the way it is’. And so it is in the debt markets. Few would claim that conditions are currently normal, although just what that actually means is open to question.

  • IFR IMF Report 2017 Cover

    IFR IMF/World Bank Report 2017

    Keeping afloat: Emerging market countries, where the IMF has concentrated much of its resources, reveal a strange state of affairs.

  • IFR RoY Cover 2017

    IFR Review of the Year 2017

    Markets, as the cliche has it, hate uncertainty. To which the only sensible response is “who doesn’t?”.