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Abhinav Ramnarayan' s stories

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  • A tram in downtown Lisbon

    Junk threat looms over Portugal

    Capital City | 12 February 2016

    Portugal’s government bond yields have risen to their highest levels in almost two years as worries grow that a downgrade could bar the country’s bonds from the European Central Bank’s quantitative easing programme.

  • Rentenbank logo

    Rentenbank slowly builds up steam

    Capital City | 11 February 2016

    Germany’s Rentenbank inched in stages towards the finish line before printing a US$750m five-year FRN.

  • Bond trader

    Monday's rout leaves SSA bankers nervous

    Capital City | 09 February 2016

    Bankers covering the SSA market were left pondering the implications of Monday’s rout, with European public sector bonds succumbing to the uncertainty plaguing the rest of the market.

  • Belgian flag

    Belgium planning 20-year syndicated bond, bankers say

    Capital City | 08 February 2016

    The Kingdom of Belgium is planning the issuance of a 20-year bond in the coming days, according to two bankers covering public sector debt, though a third said it may be tempted to issue a 30-year after Italy’s recent success in that tenor.

  • Hamburg's Water Castle

    Fifty shades of fail

    Top News | 05 February 2016

    What should have been a perfectly normal deal for Laender 50, a vehicle representing a group of German states, last week collapsed into farce as the banks realised they could not sell the bonds at the level they had promised in order to win the mandate.

  • Financial Ministry palace in Rome

    Italy goes the whole nine yards

    Top News | 05 February 2016

    The Italian Republic priced a €9bn 2.70% 30-year benchmark on Tuesday that was lauded by bankers and underlines the extent to which the European Central Bank is able to allay market concerns around Italy in particular and the global economy in general.

  • Caisse Amortissement de la Dette Sociale logo

    SSAR sales surge

    Bonds | 05 February 2016

    Cades (Caisse Amortissement de la Dette Sociale) was among the latest SSAR borrowers to access the sterling market, with volume from the sector now over half the level printed in the currency in the whole of 2015.

  • EIB completes a third of 2016 target

    Bonds | 05 February 2016

    The EIB last week raised €5.25bn-equivalent from four deals, meaning it has now completed a third of its funding programme for the entire year just five weeks in.

  • Caisse Amortissement de la Dette Sociale logo

    Cades and Sagess impress

    Capital City | 27 January 2016

    French agencies Caisse Amortissement de la Dette Sociale and Societe Anonyme de Gestion de Stocks de Securite jumped into the euro market on Wednesday, providing some juice for investors starved of any sort of spread on the sovereign front.

  • The dome of the Bank of Spain

    EZ sovereigns err on side of caution

    Bonds | 15 January 2016

    Eurozone sovereigns flooded the market with 10-year paper last week, with Spain, Belgium and Portugal raising €18bn between them that generated record levels of demand in a shaky market.