Friday, 23 February 2018

Abhinav Ramnarayan' s stories

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  • French flag

    France plans 20s and 50s in ECB-fuelled market

    Ticker | 11 April 2016

    The Republic of France is planning to raise 50-year money as part of a dual-tranche syndication, with the timing of the trade made to coincide with a strong investor bid for long-dated bonds.

  • European Investment Bank

    Buyers scramble for positive-yielding EIB

    Top News | 08 April 2016

    The European Investment Bank was swamped with demand for a 10-year benchmark on Tuesday, with investors scrambling to get their hands on high-grade paper that actually offers a yield and a healthy new-issue premium.

  • KfW branch

    KfW leads blowout day for dollar primary

    Ticker | 06 April 2016

    KfW waited its turn to hit the short-end of the US dollar market and ended up recording a whopping US$8.7bn-plus book, allowing it to tighten pricing levels three times.

  • US Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen

    Yellen comments set up short end of SSA dollar market

    Ticker | 04 April 2016

    Inter-American Development Bank’s decision to announce a US dollar benchmark deal early on Monday morning has strengthened expectations for a busy week, as the issuer is likely setting its flag in the sand ahead of competing supply.

  • Irish flag

    Ireland pays 2.35% on Century bond

    Top News | 01 April 2016

    Participants in the SSA market were left both surprised and impressed when Ireland managed to sell 100-year debt at a coupon of 2.35% last week, an indication of changing sentiment towards the country as well as of the effect monetary policy has had on European government bonds.

  • International Finance Corp. logo

    IFC reaches wider audience with 10-year Green bond

    Ticker | 01 April 2016

    International Finance Corp found enough demand beyond the traditional Japanese investor base to get a sizeable 10-year bond away, the Green format proving decisive in attracting investors from Europe in particular.

  • Irish flag

    Ireland stuns with 2.35% coupon on Century bond

    Ticker | 31 March 2016

    Participants in the SSA market were left open-mouthed after Ireland managed to get 100-year debt away at a coupon of 2.35%, an indication both of the country’s own recovery as well as the effect monetary policy has had on European government bonds.

  • Euro notes

    Wave of cash hits distorted rates market

    Top News | 24 March 2016

    The sovereign, supranational and agency market is expected to be flooded with several billion euros of additional buying interest in April, potentially introducing further severe distortions and making the primary market difficult to navigate.

  • Unedic logo

    Primary market solid despite Brussels attacks

    Bonds | 24 March 2016

    Two SSA issuers decided to go ahead with their transactions last Tuesday despite the bombings in Brussels, printing strong deals against a resilient primary market backdrop.

  • SNCF Reseau logo

    SNCF follows hot on the heels of ESM

    Ticker | 23 March 2016

    SNCF Reseau demonstrated some opportunism on Wednesday, taking advantage of a bid for duration to fill a gap in its curve with a 21-year euro benchmark.