Thursday, 21 February 2019

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  • Donald Trump

    Beware of the Ides of March

    Ticker | 15 March 2018

    Yesterday the Dow had yet another 1% move, this time to the downside.

  • Reuters

    The Great Disruptor

    Ticker | 13 March 2018

    Wasn’t Donald Trump supposed to be the Great Disruptor? In some ways he is but aren’t disruptors supposed to be progressives, to be the ones who throw over accepted norms and move us, albeit kicking and screaming, into uncharted territory? 

  • Bond traders in a trading room

    Cold comfort

    Ticker | 12 March 2018

    Friday turned into a massive day for risk assets as markets decided that the Trumpian threats of tariffs and trade wars were to be eaten less hot than they had been cooked and that in the end, somehow, all will be well in the garden. 

  • Trump

    Trading places

    Ticker | 08 March 2018

    The tariff debate has now firmly taken over the day-to-day agenda while asset markets are trying to work out what they should be doing. 

  • Goldman Sachs - Gary Cohn

    I scream Cohn!

    Ticker | 07 March 2018

    Another one bites the dust; this time it was Gary Cohn, Goldman alumnus and economic adviser to the Donald. 

  • Warning

    Taking stock

    Ticker | 06 March 2018

    During three weeks of hardship duty on a Caribbean beach, I had the opportunity to observe the world from sufficient a distance to be able to, to a certain extent, distinguish the forest from the trees. 

  • Investors in for more surprises

    Makin' whoopee

    Ticker | 08 February 2018

    The question was posed yesterday by a seasoned wealth manager who simply asked: “Where the hell do I have to go to make money?”. 

  • A trader from BGC reacts after Britain voted to leave the European Union

    Bouncing checks

    Ticker | 07 February 2018

    As the US closed and Australia opened overnight I received a note from Melbourne sent by the venerable firm of Joseph Palmer & Sons entitled “Dead cat bounce?”. That’s a term I hadn’t heard in a while but I suppose the low volatility markets haven’t given rise to such an event. 

  • A trader from BGC reacts to the EU BREXIT referendum news

    Correction fluid

    Ticker | 06 February 2018

    You can’t say we didn’t see it coming. You can’t even say we weren’t looking forward to it. The Great Correction is not the Great Crash of 2018. What are we seeing? 

  • Reuters

    I'm a believer

    Ticker | 31 January 2018

    Who are we to believe? Do we believe President Donald Trump and his up-beat State of the Union address or do we believe the stock market? 

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