Saturday, 21 July 2018

Anthony Peters, market strategist at Sol Capital Group' s stories

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    You spin me round

    Ticker | 13 April 2017

    Wednesday is usually when Donald Trump changes tack on at least one of his major policy promises, isn’t it? 

  • Anthony Peters columnist format

    Life’s a bitch…

    Ticker | 12 April 2017

    …And then you look at markets. 

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    Tesla grrrs

    Ticker | 11 April 2017

    I might be a complete idiot – no answers required, if you please – but I cannot stand idly by while the market cap of Tesla overtakes that of General Motors, albeit only by US$1.5m, while seemingly being the only bloke out here who is scratching his head. 

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    The boat that rocked

    Ticker | 10 April 2017

    Given that we are at the beginning of a new but foreshortened week which has Western markets running at half speed with school holidays in full swing ahead of the unusually late Easter festival this is, from a market perspective, not a good time to be rocking the boat. 

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    Nothing to see here

    Ticker | 07 April 2017

    So 59 cruise missiles are fired straight into a Syrian airbase and the market impact, other than notionally maybe on oil, doesn’t even register on the Richter scale. 

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    Ticker | 06 April 2017

    My most sincere and humble apologies to the members of the FOMC. 

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    Electric Dreams

    Ticker | 05 April 2017

    Yesterday I attended an annual lunch in London that brings together the former board members of a now-defunct motor car company. 

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    Showroom dummies

    Ticker | 04 April 2017

    The world is not a very happy place at the moment. 

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    Politics 2.0

    Ticker | 03 April 2017

    The lady on BBC business news opened this morning with “Welcome to the new trading week” while forgetting to mention that it is also a new month, a new quarter and, for Japan, a new year.

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    Stranger than fiction

    Ticker | 31 March 2017

    Life really is sometimes stranger than fiction.