Wednesday, 26 September 2018

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    September will bring debt ceiling debates and blockchain bonds

    Ticker | 22 August 2017

    Is this just the “silly season” or is there possibly some truth in the headline “Betting odds on Trump’s resignation are improving day by day”. Not wishing to sound churlish but I really did have to read the article in order to find out whether the odds were “improving” on him leaving or staying, although I was not entirely surprised to read that the price on his throwing in the towel is apparently shortening.

  • Anthony Peters columnist format

    What won't be discussed at Jackson Hole

    Ticker | 21 August 2017

    Bannon gone and Icahn gone. Two more big names depart the White House team and whether what is left constitutes a team is questionable. That said, Steve Mnuchin and Gary Cohn both now look well entrenched and the sense has to be that John Kelly is beginning to work some magic straightening out the meandering appearance of life in and around the Oval Office.

  • Peters on Dimon, Cohn, markets and … clouds

    Ticker | 18 August 2017

    There’s nothing new in the observation that a week is a long time in politics and a day a long time in markets.

  • When doves cry

    Ticker | 17 August 2017

    It’s mid-August and far too early to say that the summer is over – the really, really deep holiday season is only just kicking off – but that does not detract from the ongoing conversations among market players from both sides of the divide about what direction asset prices might take through the autumn and towards the end of the year.

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    Driven to distraction

    Ticker | 16 August 2017

    Instead of focusing on rebuilding the industrial economy and upgrading its creaking infrastructure, America is ripping itself apart. 

  • Anthony Peters columnist format

    Another bad week

    Ticker | 15 August 2017

    This is not turning out to be a good week for President Donald Trump, not unlike many of the ones that have passed since he was inaugurated in January. 

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    Under starter’s orders

    Ticker | 14 August 2017

    As the athletics world championships closed in London with Usain Bolt having run his last race, Mutti Merkel launched her own race with the formal opening in Dortmund of her party’s campaign in the run-up to the Bundestag elections on September 24. 

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    Be careful what you wish for

    Ticker | 11 August 2017

    Over the past few days there has been an increasing number of publications and comments adding up how many days it has been since the S&P 500 last moved more than 1% in a single trading session. And then yesterday, bang! 

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    Regulation overload

    Ticker | 10 August 2017

    Having yesterday taken a little stab at MiFID II, in my view one of the most ridiculous pieces of self-congratulatory but also destructive over-legislation since the 1919 Treaty of Versailles, I received a response from an old chum. 

  • Anthony Peters columnist format

    Do we really need to be worried?

    Ticker | 09 August 2017

    Kim Jong-un is behaving like a textbook schoolyard bully and as we all know, reasoning with bullies never gets anybody anywhere.