Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Anthony Peters, market strategist at Sol Capital Group' s stories

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    It’s a funny old world

    Ticker | 08 August 2017

    Having yesterday flagged up the impending 10th anniversary of the starting gun going off on the global financial crisis I subsequently tripped over a vignette in the International Financing Review reporting that junk sub-prime auto ABS spreads are at record lows. 

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    Happy anniversary

    Ticker | 07 August 2017

    This is a very important week, not because of the stunningly strong US labour report on Friday, or because the dollar has begun to fight back a little, or because WTI has dropped back below US$50 again. 

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    Sympathy for the Devil

    Ticker | 04 August 2017

    I’ve never been much of a Mark Carney fan but one cannot help but feel sympathy for the guy. 

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    Rather a lot of money

    Ticker | 03 August 2017

    It might be the silly season but some things are more silly than others. The Pink’un’s headline this morning, as the earnings season draws to a close, is that “FTSE 100 chiefs hit with £1m pay cuts after outcry”.

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    DC comics

    Ticker | 01 August 2017

    Today is August 1, the Swiss national holiday. Need I say more? I will, in any case.

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    Crowded house

    Ticker | 31 July 2017

    If there is a crowded trade out there, then it has to be short the US dollar. But before going any further, let’s remind ourselves that there are two parts to every currency pair and that the exchange rate reflects the relative value of the two currencies to each other. 

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    Lurking in the shadows

    People & Markets | 28 July 2017

    AN EVER-INCREASING number of corporate borrowers that no longer meet banks’ arduous conditions for lending are turning to the hungry high-yield bond market for funding. This is not a good thing.

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    All aboard the roller-coaster

    Ticker | 28 July 2017

    I was not even going to mention that the Dow, 21,796.33 points made another all-time high on Thursday, had it not been for the fact that as it went up, the S&P went down. 

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    Moving on up

    Ticker | 27 July 2017

    If it had been up to me, I would not have taken quite as much heart from the supposed dovishness of the FOMC’s post-meeting statement but others in the markets were less concerned and off they went, once again, to the races. 

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    The only game in town

    Ticker | 26 July 2017

    FOMC rate decision today. It might be slated as the most important event of the day or even the week but, let’s face it, nothing unpredictable or shocking is going to come out of it.