Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Anthony Peters, market strategist at Sol Capital Group' s stories

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  • Anthony Peters columnist format

    Growing pains

    Ticker | 25 July 2017

    The IMF has once again set the cat among the pigeons by giving a general thumbs up to global growth. 

  • Anthony Peters columnist format

    Let's talk about the euro, baby

    Ticker | 24 July 2017

    Two years ago the euro was trading at just under US$1.35. Six months later, in March 2015 it hit US$1.05 as America could do no wrong and Europe – Germany aside – could do no right.

  • Anthony Peters columnist format

    Nothing really matters

    Ticker | 21 July 2017

    Other than the byline-free writers of The Economist nobody seems to get away with reminding readers that “I told you so” although today I feel I have the right to. 

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    The only game in town: Guessing future policy

    Ticker | 20 July 2017

    Across Europe this morning market players will be chewing their fingernails in anticipation of what the ECB president Mario Draghi the patron saint of risk asset buyers, will have to say in his post-ECB Governing Council meeting press briefing. 

  • Anthony Peters columnist format

    All that glitters

    Ticker | 19 July 2017

    Let’s take a look at the mighty house of Goldman Sachs, whose Q2 results have been blamed for the decline in the Dow yesterday.

  • Anthony Peters columnist format

    The basket case of inflation

    Ticker | 18 July 2017

    Tuesday is pretty quiet on the data front although the UK faced the usual monthly raft of inflation data. 

  • Anthony Peters columnist format

    None the wiser

    Ticker | 13 July 2017

    One of the greatest of all one-liners said to have been delivered by a central banker is often attributed to who else but former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, the master of opaque ambiguity. 

  • Anthony Peters columnist format

    A difficult period to read

    Ticker | 12 July 2017

    Donald Trump Jr. was told that he was about to be introduced to a source of information that would bring down his father’s rival for the presidency but he never told the old man? 

  • Anthony Peters columnist format

    We need to talk about Brexit

    Ticker | 11 July 2017

    For the best part of 2017 this column has been pretty much a Brexit-free zone. 

  • Anthony Peters columnist format

    What a complete waste of time

    Ticker | 10 July 2017

    There’s no beating around the bush – the Hamburg G20 meeting was an abject failure and a significant waste of time.