Friday, 20 July 2018

Anthony Peters, market strategist at Sol Capital Group' s stories

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    Election special

    Ticker | 09 June 2017

    Among the biggest losers in yesterday’s UK general election must be French champagne makers for, twist the outcome as one may, nobody really has much to celebrate. 

  • Anthony Peters columnist format

    A quiet revolution

    Ticker | 08 June 2017

    A quiet revolution took place on Wednesday, an earthquake that failed to register on the markets’ otherwise highly sensitive seismographs. 

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    The most important election in a generation

    Ticker | 07 June 2017

    In 1944, June 7 marked D-Day plus 1; in 2017 it is D-Day minus 1. 

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    Another 48 hours

    Ticker | 06 June 2017

    The UK elections are just two days away and, irrespective of the outcome, the six-week campaigning period has been like none before. 

  • Anthony Peters columnist format

    A full week

    Ticker | 05 June 2017

    The new week opens with much of Europe closed for the Whit Monday holiday, with the aftermath of Borough Market attacks, the cutting of diplomatic ties between a number of Arab nations and Qatar, and of course Friday’s US payroll report to deal with. 

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    We'll always have Paris

    Ticker | 02 June 2017

    Drill, baby, drill! Mine, baby, mine. Dig, baby dig! Trump the Disruptor has done it again. 

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    Safe as houses

    Ticker | 01 June 2017

    I was taken by a cutting from a recent newspaper article, which said Americans refinancing their mortgages are taking cash out in the process at levels not seen since the financial crisis.. 

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    Signal failure

    Ticker | 31 May 2017

    There is a truism in the observation that economics don’t drive markets but that people do. 

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    Ticker | 30 May 2017

    Another month-end looms and before you know it June will be gone and we’ll all of a sudden be through the first half of the year, most of which has been spent staring at Washington. 

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    Ticker | 25 May 2017

    There can’t be many market participants, other than those with the memory of a goldfish, who will have forgotten the shock and awe which the Federal Open Market Committee created at the point of the release of the minutes on April 5 of its March 14-15 meeting.