Friday, 14 December 2018

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  • Traders in the Corn options pit at the CME Group signal orders

    INSIGHT: Wall St commodity talent wars: Return of the merchants

    Capital City | 14 February 2012

    Reuters – When it comes to hiring top commodity traders, what goes around comes around. Wall Street, after years of po

  • People walk behind the logo of Swiss bank UBS in Zurich/Reuters

    UBS opens books for first low-trigger CoCo issue

    Capital City | 14 February 2012

    The first European Tier 2 deal where bondholders could lose all principal via permanent write-down rather than the notes converting into equity could price on Wednesday after UBS opened books for the contingent capital issue.

  • Bank of England

    IFR Comment: BoE signals point to 50/50 for more QE

    Capital City | 14 February 2012

    We are far from turning bearish on gilts and still see continued demand in an environment where there has been a shrinkage of safe haven assets. Even if the UK were to be downgraded by a notch or two we still feel that gilts will remain a safe haven as long

  • Moody's sign on 7 World Trade Center tower in New York

    European corporate wrap: Market unmarred by Moody's action

    Capital City | 14 February 2012

    European corporate credit markets on Tuesday remained unperturbed by the sovereign rating action taken by Moody’s a day earlier, which had largely been priced in, bankers and strategists said.

  • Greek protest

    IFR Comment: Something more than fiscal austerity

    Capital City | 14 February 2012

    Clichés such as “no pain, no gain” and “short-term pain, long-term gain” are best left in the books where they were found. The reality is that when it co

  • Shah with border.bmp

    IFR Comment: BoJ adds to the liquidity party

    Capital City | 14 February 2012

    It’s not coordinated but there certainly is coincidental policy easing going on from the major central banks. The Fed highlighting the lower-for-longer theme on Fed Funds, a £50bn expansion in QE from the BoE, and the ECB’s 3-year LTRO have been added to wi

  • Xi Jinping

    Who is Xi?

    Capital City | 14 February 2012

    He likes Hollywood movies and his daughter reportedly attends Harvard. Xi Jinping is also the emerging image of China’s new generation likely to take the reins of power. Tara Joseph of Reuters TV profiles the Communist leader in waiting.

  • Spurs' Adebayor

    IFR Super League Update - Game Week 25

    Capital City | 14 February 2012

    The top of the table has once again tightened in the IFR Super League as leader Philip Beford’s sub-par performance allowed the trailing five sides to pull back into contention.

  • Ziggo

    ‘Pilot fishing’ activity steps up as IPOs come back on the agenda

    Capital City | 14 February 2012

    Investors were quick to complain when the IPO market crumbled last year that bankers had failed to introduce companies early enough to potential buyers. With this in mind, pilot-fishing activity has kicked off during the past week with a view to launching possible IPOs in the first half of 2011.

  • Banco De Oro Unibank

    Asian high-yield springs back to life

    Capital City | 14 February 2012

    Asian high-yield has burst back to life in fine style and yesterday saw the confirmation of how much appetite there is for lower-rated bonds from this part of the world.