Sunday, 22 July 2018

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  • Keith Mullin Commentary image

    EM rout overdone: currency option baskets anyone?

    Capital City | 23 August 2013

    Is it just me or are the fever-pitch conversations about when and how …

  • Keith Mullin Commentary image

    Rest easy: there were Eurobonds in 1965!

    Capital City | 13 August 2013

    Editor-at-large Keith Mullin drives further down memory lane

  • Overview of Buenos Aires' 9 de Julio Avenue with the Obelisk in the background

    France supports Argentina’s case against bondholders

    Capital City | 29 July 2013

    France has filed a brief supporting Argentina’s application to the US Supreme Court for a hearing in the Latin American country’s long-standing dispute with bondholders that have held out from its restructurings. Last week the IMF withdrew its possible filing after supposed pressure from the US Treasury not to intervene at this stage.

  • Keith Mullin

    Equity block trades or how to lose your shirt in a heartbeat

    Capital City | 21 May 2013

    Ever since politicians and the media invented the ‘casino banking’ moniker to describe what investment banks do, I’ve reacted vigorously to the term, finding it offensive and wide of the mark.

  • Keith Mullin

    Is Nomura to UBS a good career trade? ... Take Two

    Capital City | 24 April 2013

    My blog last week on William Vereker’s move to UBS from Nomura to head corporate client solutions in EMEA (Is Nomura to UBS a good career trade?) caused a bit of a storm within UBS and I took some heat – a bit of an occupational hazard for me. In the interests of transparency and balance, I’m happy to share some of the

  • Keith Mullin Commentary image

    Salz and the £15m Barclays travesty

    Capital City | 08 April 2013

    HAVE YOU EVER spent the thick end of £15m but had that nagging feeling that you’ve been done over? I haven’t, personally. Actually, I haven’t ever spent £15m period, although I live in eternal hope …

  • Keith Mullin

    The New DCM Paradigm – the coming mid-market revolution

    Capital City | 03 April 2013

    I’ve mentioned before in my blogs that I’ve been spending a lot of time delving into the debt financing modes and modalities of European mid-market corporates and I must say I’m increasingly in the camp of those who reckon we’re at the start of a major shift in bond market activity as we move towards a more heavily disintermediated funding model.

  • Keith Mullin

    The Chinese are coming … are they?

    Capital City | 27 March 2013

    I was fascinated to read a story that ran on Reuters this morning, entitled: “The next Goldman Sachs: Made in China?, which was a charming but at the same time in some ways rather disturbing piece about how Wang Dongming, the chairman of Citic Securities, is remodelling the investment bank he runs on Goldman Sachs after reading “The Partnership: The Making of Goldman Sachs,” by Charles Ellis.

  • Anthony Peters with border

    US economic focus trumps European political will

    Capital City | 27 March 2013

    While Europe is struggling around trying to find a way of explaining how the intended capital controls in Cyprus can be implemented without wrecking the divine principle of the free movement of capital and labour, the US economy is visibly pulling away from the European one without even the slightest glance in the rear view mirror.

  • Keith Mullin

    The ‘other’ great rotation... into alternatives

    Capital City | 20 March 2013

    IFR Editor at Large Keith Mullin on how Credit Agricole CIB is finally out with something it wants to shout about.