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  • Tesco Bangkok

    EQUITIES: Tesco sets terms for Thai property IPO, targets US$585m

    Capital City | 20 February 2012

    UK supermarket chain Tesco has fixed its target price range for the spin-off listing of its Thailand property fund. Tesco Lotus Growth Freehold and Leasehold Property Fund will open books for domestic investors on Friday and for international investors on February 27.

  • Peters with border.bmp

    A taxpayer-funded pyramid scheme

    Capital City | 20 February 2012

    It’s Monday and it’s D Day – or at least it is with respect to the €130bn bail-out package for Greece as it is today that the eurozone finance ministers are expected to ratify the deal following the Greek cabinet’s approval of all the cuts required to meet the conditi

  • Telefonica

    ANALYSIS: Syndicated Loans - European schism

    Loans | 18 February 2012

    The European syndicated loan market is changing from a single eurozone market into a series of regional sub-markets with differing liquidity and pricing across countries and currencies, driven by banks’ funding costs. The loan market is becoming more fragmented as loans are tailored to pockets of liquidity in order to maximise participation from domestic European banks and international banks, which do not share their funding problems.

  • Buenos Aires

    IFR Comment: Emerging markets... First cracks after buoyant start to year

    Emerging Markets | 18 February 2012

    In a sign of how the new issuance frenzy got ahead itself, a number of high-yield and borderline investment-grade transactions across the emerging markets ran into difficulties in the past week, with deals canned or underperforming in the secondary market.

  • Xtrata

    Xstrata drills for US$6bn loan waiver

    Top News | 18 February 2012

    Xstrata has asked its banks to allow US$6bn of existing syndicated loans to stay in place as it waits for approval of its US$90bn merger with Glencore, bankers said. Lenders are expected to agree to waive change of control provisions that will be triggered when Xstrata’s merger with Glencore completes and tha

  • Caesars Palace

    Lev borrowers rush to extend

    Top News | 18 February 2012

    Several issuers with legacy leveraged buyout and M&A loans raised at the height of the market in 2007 are now taking advantage of favourable conditions to extend maturities, thanks to the growing popularity of amend and extend deals among investors that remain starved of loan supply.

  • Mullin with border

    Reading the news flow? Thank God I don’t run money

    People & Markets | 17 February 2012

    IS IT JUST me or has endlessly hyped-up analyst and media chatter recently become far more of a hindrance than a help? As a long-standing and proud member of the media, I ask this question with some trepidation and a certain amount of hesitan

  • Peters with border.bmp

    Zen and the art of market maintenance

    People & Markets | 17 February 2012

    ARE DEBT AUCTIONS really still the way forward for sovereign borrowers or are we beginning to see something of a revisionist approach to the way governments fund themselves?

  • Jonathan Rogers with border

    Even perps will float on Asia's rising tide

    People & Markets | 17 February 2012

    I RECALL, AS I’m sure you will, the perp “crisis” that hit the Eurobond market in the late 1980s. In those days of dodgy hairdos and electropop, Alan Greenspan was the unquestionable Master of the Universe, and I was a junior institutional bond salesm

  • SEBI

    IFR Comment: India's bureaucrats test market creativity

    Capital City | 17 February 2012

    Regulators in India have caught on to a cunning structure that some foreign institutions have used to boost their exposure to the local corporate bond market, and are promising to enforce investment limits more strictly.