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  • Awaiting lift-off

    Awaiting lift-off

    All Special Reports | 03 February 2012

    International investors fell over themselves to get a piece of the action when Brazilian lender Banco Votorantim sold an off-shore local currency inflation-linked bond in May – so much so that the bank doubled the deal size in response to demand.

  • Red Bull Racing Formula One driver Mark Webber of Australia participates in a jet ski race in Istanb

    Against the tide

    All Special Reports | 23 February 2012

    Sometimes it pays to be different. That is certainly the belief of the Turkish central bank, which hopes its unorthodox and controversial monetary policy regime is starting to reap rewards.

  • Off to a sterling start

    Off to a sterling start

    All Special Reports | 14 June 2012

    Before the beginning of last year the sterling covered bond market was the fixed income equivalent of obscure exotica, attracting little interest outside the activities of a few specialist collectors. In early 2011, all that changed, and the previously invisible market suddenly and unexpectedly became the height of fashion.

  • Moving to the front

    Moving to the front row

    All Special Reports | 07 September 2012

    Until recently Chinese domestic bond markets took a back seat in the country’s economic expansion, as banks and equity markets provided the fuel for growth. In recent months all that has changed, and fixed income has moved centre stage as the funding source of choice for China’s cash-hungry companies.

  • Some light to the West

    Some light to the West

    All Special Reports | 14 September 2012

    Japanese demand for European securitisations, and in particular UK mortgage-backed securities, hit a record high in recent months after the country’s banks looked to diversify away from lower-yielding domestic securities. However, central bank interventions and tightening spreads may soon smother the market, just as it gets up a head of steam.

  • Dancers from the “Fire of Anatolia” perform

    Lira, lira, yields on fire

    All Special Reports | 05 April 2013

    Two Turkish banks and one Russian bank have launched inaugural Turkish lira-denominated international bond issues this year, taking advantage of investor appetite for higher yields to open a new funding option for issuers. However, with the outlook for the Turkish currency less than certain, investors may find they have taken a bigger bet than they had bargained for.

  • Benefits

    Benefits of individuality

    All Special Reports | 12 April 2013

    Landesbanken have been through a process of balance sheet restructuring and strategic review. Stability now seems to have returned to many of the regionally-controlled banks, but questions remain over their future role and purpose.

  • Regulatory waves

    All Special Reports | 12 April 2013

    KfW has proven itself as a true renaissance financial institution and a significant player in the capital markets. Regulatory developments have, however, complicated its relationship with the banking fraternity.

  • Changing fortunes

    Changing fortunes

    All Special Reports | 14 June 2013

    In the world of personal computing Dell is a giant, fighting mighty battles for market share on the global stage. From a bond market point of view, however, it is a juvenile whose recent wayward behaviour has sent it to the bottom of the class.

  • A businessman avoids puddles at the International Financial Services Centre - the business district of Dublin.

    The whale and the minnow’s shared challenges

    All Special Reports | 05 July 2013

    Spain is one of the largest covered bond markets in Europe while Ireland is one of the smallest, but they face the same challenges – being overshadowed by central bank liquidity programmes, which may be set to keep spreads tight and issuance low for the foreseeable future.

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