Monday, 05 December 2016

Commodity Derivatives

Pipes are pictured at Mexico's national oil company Pemex's refinery in Salamanca, in Guanajuato state

Mexico to net US$2.9bn from oil hedge

IFR 2161 26 November to 2 December 2016

Mexico is set to book a US$2.9bn gain on its 2016 oil hedging programme, making it the second year in a row that the country has netted a multi-billion dollar payout from its options-based commodity hedges, according to recent estimates by the International Monetary Fund.

A commodities corn broker

Commodities attract record inflows

IFR 2157 29 October to 04 November 2016

Commodity investments are set to record annual inflows as fund managers jump back into exchange-traded products and index swaps linked to an asset class that has delivered double-digit gains.