Sunday, 17 December 2017

Gareth Gore' s stories

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  • Coutts

    Last gated UK property fund reopens

    Top News | 25 November 2016

    Investors in the Aviva Investors Property Trust haven’t been able to touch their money for nearly five months. It was among seven UK property funds that halted withdrawals in early July following a sudden rush of redemption requests the funds simply couldn’t meet. At one stage, £20bn – much of it the pension savings of the UK public – was gated.

  • Bull and bear

    Sell-off leaves borrowers with a dilemma

    Top News | 18 November 2016

    Bond markets are on edge after a sharp sell-off in government debt pushed up financing costs for borrowers around the globe and left many investors wary about buying into fixed income having suffered brutal losses over recent days.

  • Lukoil gas station

    Lukoil revives deal as demand grows for Russia

    Top News | 21 October 2016

    Lukoil looks set to become the latest issuer to tap into growing demand for Russian paper, with the oil giant close to pulling the trigger on a deal that has been delayed for the past two years.

  • Deutsche Bank logo

    Deutsche in risky capital stand-off

    Top News | 30 September 2016

    Deutsche Bank is showing no signs of backing down from its stance of refusing to raise capital ahead of a multi-billion dollar settlement with US regulators, despite signs that the risky strategy is already beginning to weaken its franchise, with a small number of clients pulling business fro

  • Deutsche Bank headquarters

    EM borrowers turn to local funding

    Top News | 23 September 2016

    Emerging market borrowers are becoming less and less reliant on foreign money, with an increasing number of borrowers turning to local finance – be it bank loans or domestic bond issuance – to fund operations and growth.

  • Henkel logo

    Boom in corporate issuance hits resistance

    Top News | 16 September 2016

    It’s been a busy few weeks for corporate bond bankers, with a rush of deals flooding the market, setting 2016 up to be a record year. At US$3.3trn, global issuance in the year to-date is higher than ever before; barring a market upset, this year should beat the 2014 record of US$4.3trn.

  • Swiss National Bank logo

    QE spilts eurozone central banks into winners and losers

    Top News | 09 September 2016

    Quantitative easing was once a highly lucrative business for central banks. Huge asset purchases, often made during periods of market stress when bond prices were low and yields high, enabled some institutions to lock in steady and substantial income streams.

  • A shopkeeper preparing to welcome new customers iran

    Iran bonanza likely to bypass big banks

    Top News | 12 August 2016

    The world’s leading investment banks are likely to miss out on an expected capital markets boom in Iran as they hold off on courting potential business for fear of upsetting US regulators reluctant to accept the easing of sanctions against the country.

  • Canary Wharf financial centre

    Banks ditch Bunds for higher-yielding peripheral debt

    Top News | 05 August 2016

    Ultra-low and negative yields are driving European banks to take ever-greater risks with their vast sovereign portfolios, with many selling out of their safest but low-yielding assets in order to buy riskier debt with higher returns.

  • Piraeus Bank ATM machine

    Greece lures back runaway deposits

    Top News | 22 July 2016

    Greece is hoping to lure back some of the €120bn that nervous depositors have pulled out of their bank accounts over the past few years through the creation of so-called “new money” accounts that will not be subject to capital controls.