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Gareth Gore' s stories

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  • BMPS in last push to avoid bailout

    Top News | 16 December 2016

    Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena is to make one last-ditch effort to convince investors to hand over €5bn before a deadline to bolster its capital buffers expires at the end of the year.

  • Defying logic: buying bonds in an era of negative rates

    Defying logic: buying bonds in an era of negative rates

    All Special Reports | 16 December 2016

    Rock-bottom interest rates, quantitative easing and negative yields have turned the fixed-income investor universe upside down. How do fund managers make sense of these changes and how are they positioning their portfolios in response?

  • ECM's Year of Pain

    ECM’s year of pain

    All Special Reports | 16 December 2016

    Few equity capital markets bankers will look back fondly on 2016. For most, the year was a long, uncomfortable ride that saw markets lurch from one extreme to the other – a year of political upheaval in the UK and Brazil, of a collapse in the wider commodity complex, and of ebbing confidence in China’s growth model. Along the way, deal after deal was caught out; almost every team came out the year scarred in one way or another.

  • Defying logic: buying bonds in an era of negative rates

    Defying logic: buying bonds in an era of negative rates

    All Special Reports | 16 December 2016

    Bunds were hardly a screaming buy at the beginning of 2016. Far from it: shorter-dated paper offered investors next to no yield at all; and even at the longer end, a 0.1% coupon on 30-year debt must have seemed like scant compensation for all the risks that might befall the investment during that time.

  • Monte dei Paschi bank headquaters

    Monte dei Paschi faces bailout

    Top News | 09 December 2016

    Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena may have little option but to ask for a government bailout after the European Central Bank rejected a plea to extend the deadline on its €5bn recapitalisation efforts by three weeks.

  • European Central Bank headquarters

    Government bond sell-off to hit bank capital

    Top News | 02 December 2016

    Europe’s largest banks are preparing for a hit to their capital buffers at the end of the year, when many will be forced to write down the value of about €1trn of government bonds held as available for sale amid a regulatory clampdown on such holdings.

  • Coutts

    Last gated UK property fund reopens

    Top News | 25 November 2016

    Investors in the Aviva Investors Property Trust haven’t been able to touch their money for nearly five months. It was among seven UK property funds that halted withdrawals in early July following a sudden rush of redemption requests the funds simply couldn’t meet. At one stage, £20bn – much of it the pension savings of the UK public – was gated.

  • Bull and bear

    Sell-off leaves borrowers with a dilemma

    Top News | 18 November 2016

    Bond markets are on edge after a sharp sell-off in government debt pushed up financing costs for borrowers around the globe and left many investors wary about buying into fixed income having suffered brutal losses over recent days.

  • Lukoil gas station

    Lukoil revives deal as demand grows for Russia

    Top News | 21 October 2016

    Lukoil looks set to become the latest issuer to tap into growing demand for Russian paper, with the oil giant close to pulling the trigger on a deal that has been delayed for the past two years.

  • Deutsche Bank logo

    Deutsche in risky capital stand-off

    Top News | 30 September 2016

    Deutsche Bank is showing no signs of backing down from its stance of refusing to raise capital ahead of a multi-billion dollar settlement with US regulators, despite signs that the risky strategy is already beginning to weaken its franchise, with a small number of clients pulling business fro