Wednesday, 29 June 2016

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Ballot papers

Stocks, sterling skid as early Brexit results put Leave ahead

24 June 2016

Risk assets retreat as results point to close call on Brexit


India seen pressing ahead with bank clean-up despite Rajan exit

20 June 2016

Government seen supporting policy, but implementation may be tweaked

Chinese stocks fall short for MSCI

Third time unlucky for A-shares

15 June 2016

(Reuters) US index provider MSCI Inc on Tuesday declined to add domestic Chinese stocks to one of its key benchmarks, concluding that Beijing had more work to do in liberalising capital markets and delivering a blow to Chinese policymakers hoping to broaden the appeal of their currency.

 European Central Bank (ECB) headquarters

ECB would pledge to backstop markets after a Brexit – sources

15 June 2016

Preparations illustrate heightened state of alert ahead of June 23 referendum

Anthony Peters columnist format

No comment

29 June 2016 By

Over the past 20 years or so during which I have been writing my daily column, I have been asked innumerable times how I find something new to write about every day and whether I ever sit there with nothing to say. The answer is that there is always something interesting going on somewhere and often enough in corners of the world or in markets that the majority have not been focusing on. 

keith mullin

Common-sense outcomes emerge for capital markets in Brexit discussions

29 June 2016 By

IFR Editor-at large Keith Mullin examines the regulatory challenges as the dust settles on a post-Brexit London

Anthony Peters columnist format

In debt we trust

28 June 2016 By

There’s no denying that Monday was ugly; really, really ugly. But why? Is there sufficient fundamental justification to wipe US$3trn off the value of global stocks? Does unwinding the British relationship with the EU justify this reaction or is it a bunch of traders and hedgies using the uncertainty to whip and drive markets for, pardon the term, the fun of it? 

Anthony Peters columnist format

Keep calm and carry on

27 June 2016 By

Since it became clear in the small hours of Friday morning that a majority of voters here in this democratic United Kingdom - of which, whether Nicola Sturgeon likes it or not, Scotland is still a part – chose to put the country on a path to exit the European Union, events have been overtaking events. 

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