Saturday, 01 October 2016

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BONDS: SBI struggles with India's first US$ AT1

15 September 2016

State Bank of India struggled to market the country’s first offshore Additional Tier 1 securities, as its aggressive pricing expectations clashed with investor concerns over weak fundamentals and strict loss-absorption rules.

BONDS: StanChart overcomes Samurai market's Brexit fears

09 September 2016

Standard Chartered priced the first Samurai bond by a British lender since the UK voted itself out of the European Union, indicating that Japanese buyers are starting to recover from jitters over the impact of Brexit on the country’s banks.

P&M: China banks' shrinking capital puts government on the hook

23 August 2016

(Reuters) Hit by bad loans, Chinese banks are expected to show a weakening in their capital strength in first-half earnings, raising the prospect that government might have to inject more than US$100bn to shore them up, according to some analysts.

BONDS: Indian corporate bond yields to harden in the near term

22 August 2016

India’s 10-year benchmark yield rose by 4bp to 7.14% on Monday morning following the appointment of Urjit Patel as Reserve Bank of India governor over the weekend.

Anthony Peters columnist format

Too German to fail

30 September 2016 By

My apologies for absence yesterday but, like it or not, I do have to emerge from my cave from time to time and venture into the Big Smoke in order to catch up with some of those with their fingers on the pulse. Judging by how little more most of them can sense about what happens next and why, I suppose my vantage point well away from the vortex doesn’t seem to be quite as wrong as it sometimes feels. Elephants are easier to observe with binoculars than they are with microscopes. 

keith mullin

Deutsche Bank; not a 2008 moment. Yet

30 September 2016 By

THE INCREASINGLY PANICKED and fast-moving state of affairs at Deutsche Bank is eerily reminiscent of that calamitous fourth quarter of 2008. But to be sure, it isn’t the same. Even though the situation in the past week has felt a little disorderly at times, calling a Lehman moment would, I think, be foolhardy. As would suggesting the world financial system is about to fall into the abyss as it did in the aftermath of the Lehman Brothers collapse, taking the world economy with it.

James Saft - June 2014

Stumpf option forfeit ignores broken compensation system

29 September 2016 By

The scandal isn’t that Wells Fargo’s John Stumpf has lost only US$41m of his US$249m in recent compensation after widespread fraud.

Anthony Peters columnist format

Sod the bloody rules

28 September 2016 By

British, or more accurately, English news channels, in as much as they have done with dealing with the death of Israel’s towering political leader, Shimon Perez, are today taken over by the news of the resignation of England football manager Sam Allardyce after 67 days in the job. 

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