Sunday, 22 January 2017

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P&M: Indonesia says bond dealers must avoid conflicts of interest

11 January 2017

(Reuters) Indonesia’s finance ministry, which recently cut its business ties with JPMorgan Chase & Co, announced new rules that require primary bond dealers to “safeguard” their partnership with the government and avoid conflicts of interest.

P&M: Indonesia plans regulation to ensure bond dealers produce "factual" research

09 January 2017

(Reuters) Indonesia is planning regulation to ensure primary bond dealers produce only “factual” research, senior government officials said, in a move that is likely to add to bankers’ concerns about a growing backlash over negative investment commentary.

P&M: Indonesia bars JPMorgan from sukuk issuance - official

09 January 2017

(Reuters) Indonesia has barred JPMorgan Chase & Co from submitting an underwriting proposal for its next issuance of dollar-denominated Islamic bonds, a finance ministry official said on Monday.

P&M: Indonesia penalises JPMorgan for underweight rating

03 January 2017

(Reuters) Indonesia has penalised JPMorgan Chase & Co after the investment bank’s research arm recommended a smaller exposure to the country’s stocks, a senior finance ministry official said on Tuesday.*

Anthony Peters columnist format

Don't hold your breath

20 January 2017 By

It’s January 20, inauguration day. While markets will happily accept the excuse to sit back and do no more than absolutely necessary, the world hasn’t really stood still. 

keith mullin

Grumpy bankers least of Cryan’s woes

19 January 2017 By

Not that anyone should be surprised, but didn’t John Cryan have a demeanour of a weary man with a lot of troubles on his shoulders in his interview on CNBC?

Clarity at last

18 January 2017 By

So British Prime Minister Theresa May finally announced that the UK will not only be leaving the European Union but that it will also, unequivocally, be leaving the single market too. 

The not-very-normal new normal

17 January 2017 By

After a quietish Monday – it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which sees both bond and stock markets in the US closed – things can return to normal again today, assuming that there is anything left that could be deemed normal. 

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