Thursday, 01 September 2016

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P&M: China banks' shrinking capital puts government on the hook

23 August 2016

(Reuters) Hit by bad loans, Chinese banks are expected to show a weakening in their capital strength in first-half earnings, raising the prospect that government might have to inject more than US$100bn to shore them up, according to some analysts.

BONDS: Indian corporate bond yields to harden in the near term

22 August 2016

India’s 10-year benchmark yield rose by 4bp to 7.14% on Monday morning following the appointment of Urjit Patel as Reserve Bank of India governor over the weekend.

keith mullin

Indian corporate bond enhancements? Don't hold your breath

10 August 2016

Buried near the end of the Reserve Bank of India governor’s opening statement at Tuesday’s post-policy press conference was a line that caught my attention.

Recent DBS loans to troubled Swiber draw shareholder ire

03 August 2016

(Reuters) DBS Group Holdings, Singapore’s biggest bank, made two loans to oilfield services firm Swiber Holdings totalling US$146m weeks before the company filed for liquidation, according to court documents seen by Reuters.

James Saft - June 2014

Low-hanging fruit from tweet sentiment investing plucked

31 August 2016 By

It was fun while it lasted: the easy money from Twitter sentiment trading appears to have been already gathered.

James Saft - June 2014

Kiss it goodbye, the great buyback boom is on the wane

30 August 2016 By

The great stock buyback boom may be on the wane, undermined by falling company earnings.

keith mullin

Enough. Time for monetary-regulatory co-ordination

IFR 2148 27 August to 2 September 2016 By

CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING. Stream 1: Monetary policy actions that achieve the square root of zero, which deprive savers and pensioners of income, have no discernible impact on companies’ preparedness to borrow in order to invest in the real economy, on banks preparedness to lend or for that matter on consumers’ preparedness to engage in conspicuous consumption and which consequently conspire to kill off growth drivers.

Keith Mullin Commentary image

More action needed on gender diversity

25 August 2016 By

Are G-SIBs doing enough to promote and support gender diversity in their senior executive ranks? On the evidence of the EBA’s recent survey and my own analysis of the most senior management bodies of US and European G-SIBs, clearly not.

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