Monday, 20 May 2019

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Still standing

IFR 2284 18 May to 24 May 2019

When the US-China trade dispute escalated once again at the beginning of last week, IFR called a DCM contact to ask whether a deal from EM issuer NEPI Rockcastle would be going ahead. The forthright response was along the lines of “Are you joking? Did you see the market? A complete bloodbath.”

All Upfront

From the practice of placing a bell around the neck of a castrated ram to lead the flock

Six down

IFR 2284 18 May to 24 May 2019

THE GROUP OF banks fined for the latest investigation into manipulation of the foreign exchange markets did not just lack scruples – they also lacked imagination.

IFR Contributors

Donald Trump

Beware of the Ides of March

15 March 2018

Yesterday the Dow had yet another 1% move, this time to the downside.