Monday, 22 October 2018

IFR DCM Milestones Roundtable: Participants

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Iain Baillie, Asset Match

Iain Baillie is founder and co-CEO of Asset Match and has been involved in UK and European capital markets for over 35 years. He began his career at Strauss Turnbull in 1972 working in equities before the Eurobond market started to get people’s attention; Strauss Turnbull was one of the early Eurobond market-makers. Baillie was a trader at Strauss Turnbull until 1978 when he joined Salomon Brothers. He worked at Salomon in London and New York until 1988 when he became a founding director of Luthy Baillie Dowsett Pethick & Co, a specialist agency broker in European credit.
In 1996, he returned to Salomon Brothers and became head of European credit trading, leaving in 2003 to be CEO of MarketAxess Europe, the multi-dealer credit trading platform, for four years. Before founding Asset Match, Baillie was head of fixed-income at Christopher Street Capital.


Cyrus Ardalan, Barclays

Cyrus Ardalan is chairman of the International Capital Market Association, vice-chairman of Barclays and head of EU and UK Public Policy and Government Relations. He was previously a vice-chairman of Barclays Capital where he has had a variety of roles, including head of public sector EEMEA, head of investment banking, Middle East, Africa and Emerging Europe, and head of investment banking for Continental Europe.
Ardalan joined Barclays Capital in 2000 from BNP Paribas where he held a number of senior positions between 1990 and 2000 in London and New York, including global head of bonds, global head of fixed-income marketing and head of BNP Paribas capital markets activities in North and South America. Before that, Ardalan was a managing director at Chemical Bank and division chief of treasury operations at the World Bank in Washington, which he had joined in 1974 and was involved with the growth and building up of the bank’s


Michael Dobbs-Higginson, Crescent Point Group

Michael Dobbs-Higginson is a member of advisory board and non-executive chairman of Crescent Point Group. He joined Pacific Concord Holding in 1997 as was appointed an independent non-executive director in 2000. Dobbs-Higginson previously served as the chairman of Merrill Lynch Asia-Pacific and was a member of Merrill’s New York global capital markets executive committee between 1984 and 1990.
Dobbs-Higginson began his career in Japan where from 1967 to 1972 he set up and ran five separate companies in Tokyo. He joined White Weld in 1973, which subsequently became Credit Suisse White Weld and then Credit Suisse First Boston. Between 1973 and 1984, he was a member of CSFB’s executive committee and executive director responsible for all activities in Asia and Africa. Dobbs-Higginson is the author of two non-fiction books, including “Asia Pacific: its Role in the New World Disorder”.


Eugene Rotberg, Global Integrity

Eugene Rotberg has been an independent adviser to international development and financial institutions since 1990. Between 1987 and 1990, he was executive vice-president of Merrill Lynch and from 1969 until 1987 he served as vice-president and treasurer of the World Bank, responsible for its borrowing activities and the investment of its liquid assets. During his time at the World Bank, one of the biggest borrowers in the capital markets, Rotberg initiated a number of new types of products for borrowing both privately and publicly. In 1982, he did the first ever swap.
For the first 11 years of his career, Rotberg worked at the SEC, where he was the associate director for market regulation and was heavily involved in the SEC’s drive to end fixed commissions. In his spare time, he writes children’s books and is preparing a libretto for an opera he has written.


Robert B Gray, HSBC

Robert Gray joined HSBC in 1994 as chairman of HSBC Markets, with responsibility for developing the bank’s capital markets capabilities worldwide. He was appointed vice-chairman of client development at HSBC Investment Bank in 1999 and to his current position as chairman of debt finance & advisory in March 2001.
Prior to joining HSBC, Gray was at JP Morgan, latterly as head of capital markets in Europe. He started his career at Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York in 1972 as an oil and gas banker before joining the International Financial Management Group run by Roberto Mendoza. He transferred to London in 1982 to run the syndicated loan business and in 1984 became syndicate manager of Morgan Guaranty, responsible for the bank’s Eurobond underwriting business. He then spent five years in Japan as president and Tokyo branch manager of JP Morgan Securities Asia.
Gray is vice-chairman and chairman of the Regulatory Policy Committee of the International Capital Market Association and a former chairman of the International Primary Market Association, a predecessor body.


Rene Karsenti, ICMA

Rene Karsenti is the president of the ICMA, he previously served as ICMA’s executive president. Between 2009 and May 2011, Karsenti was chairman of the International Council of Securities Association. Between May 1995 and joining ICMA in 2006, he was director general of finance at the European Investment Bank, having previously served as treasurer of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London from its inception in May 1991 until 1995. From 1979 to joining the EBRD, Karsenti held a variety of senior positions in the treasury organisations of the World Bank Group (IBRD & IFC), including as IFC Treasurer.


Keith Mullin, IFR

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