Monday, 10 December 2018

German Corporate Funding Roundtable 2010: Participants

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Bettina Streiter - DZ Bank
Bettina Streiter is a director of corporate debt capital markets origination at DZ Bank in Frankfurt, looking after German corporate issuers with respect to primary issuance of bonds and Schuldscheine. Streiter joined DZ Bank in February 2009 as senior corporate originator with experience of more than 14 years in international debt capital markets.

Johannes Heinloth - BayernLB
Johannes Heinloth joined BayernLB in 1999. He was responsible for utility customers in the CEEMEA region before he joined the syndication team in 2001. In 2002 he transferred to BayernLB’s Tokyo Branch for two years to head the local risk office. After his return in 2004, he rejoined the syndication team covering German Corporates. In April 2008, he became head of syndication and took over global responsibility in 2009.

Matthias Gaab - Deutsche Bank
Matthias Gaab started working in the syndicated loan market in 1989 and since that time has worked on a wide variety of transactions across Europe. Currently, he is head of the global lending group for Germany, Austria and Switzerland at Deutsche Bank. His responsibilities include all aspects of the lending business for large cap clients in this region.

Richard Curtis - WestLB
Richard Curtis has over 23 years of fixed-income experience and has been responsible for managing both primary and secondary trading books at various securities firms. He joined WestLB in 2006 initially in charge of ABS and structured products syndicate, but shortly thereafter assumed the role of head of bond syndicate. Prior to joining WestLB, Curtis was managing director of Via Capital which he co-founded with three colleagues from Commerzbank.

Olaf Sarges - UniCredit Group
Olaf Sarges joined UniCredit’s origination team in November 2002 from WestLB where he worked on the corporate bond syndicate in Düsseldorf and London for four years. With more than 10 years of experience in the corporate bond market, Sarges has executed a large variety of DCM transactions all over Europe.

Mathias Noack - UniCredit Group
Mathias Noack has been global head of corporate and FI loan syndication of the UniCredit Group since 2006, having joined former Bayerische Hypo- und Vereinsbank in 2004. Noack started is banking career at ING in corporate finance in Santiago, Chile. From there, he moved to Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt and subsequently New York, where he spent more than five years on the senior DCM side, with a focus on Latin American corporate structured finance as well as project finance.

Marc Mueller - Deutsche Bank
Marc Mueller is a managing director of Deutsche Bank, based in Frankfurt. As co-head of corporate coverage in debt capital markets, he oversees a team that focuses on capital markets funding and risk management solutions for corporate and public sector clients in Germany and Austria. Mueller joined Deutsche Bank in 1996.

Thomas Kull - WestLB
Thomas Kull is head of corporate debt markets at WestLB, responsible for corporate client coverage in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Core products include bonds, syndicated loans and Schuldscheine. Kull joined WestLB’s DCM team in 1999 as an originator. Between 2000 and 2002 he was based in New York where he built up the bank’s North American DCM coverage team. He has over 15 years of fixed income experience.


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