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Jonathan Rogers' s stories

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  • Jonathan Rogers, Chief Analyst, IFR

    A new vintage

    Capital City | 23 April 2011

    Erstwhile syndicate supremo Mark Leahy is to return to the Asian debt markets, more than two years after abruptly quitting as Deutsche Bank’s desk head in Singapore at the height of the financial crisis in early 2009. Fresh from making his own

  • Jonathan Rogers, Chief Analyst, IFR

    Moral hazard reaches Malaysia

    Capital City | 30 April 2011

    Government bail-outs of privately owned companies create moral hazard. That’s been the received wisdom ever since the US was forced to rescue its banking system in 2008. Others have it that the systemic risk attached to failures of institutions

  • Jonathan Rogers, Chief Analyst, IFR

    CDS swagger is gone for good

    Capital City | 04 June 2011

    It’s difficult to find arguments to support the existence of a credit default swap market in Asia, at least in its current condition. The only protection it’s possible to buy or sell is in a narrow sovereign complex, which includes China, Indonesia, Sout

  • Jonathan Rogers, Chief Analyst, IFR

    Block adds a new twist to an old game

    Capital City | 11 June 2011

    It’s remarkable the amount of damage one man with a laptop and a Blackberry can do to a large publicly listed company. Such a man is Carson Block, the owner and self-styled “head of research” at Hong Kong-based independent research firm Muddy Waters. It might be – contrary to word on the street in Hong Kong – t

  • Jonathan Rogers, Chief Analyst, IFR

    Rating agencies right to be worried

    Capital City | 18 June 2011

    China is making nerves jangle more than at any time since it emerged as a global economic powerhouse at the end of the 1990s. Barely a week has gone by over the past couple of months when there hasn’t been an unsettling piece of information to be absorbe

  • Jonathan Rogers, Chief Analyst, IFR

    When illiquidity is a virtue

    Capital City | 25 June 2011

    There are times when illiquidity is a virtue and for Asia’s primary offshore G3 debt markets that time is now.  With the Asian high-yield market teetering on the brink of full-blown panic and the non-sovereign investment grade space speeding up the pace

  • Jonathan Rogers, Chief Analyst, IFR

    Enhancement isn't the answer

    Capital City | 02 July 2011

    A US$280m five-year bond issue from a little-known Chinese gold miner seems an unlikely trade to usher in a new Asian asset class. Yet a June 24 fundraising from Zijin Mining backed by a standby letter of credit from one of Bank of China International’s

  • Jonathan Rogers, Chief Analyst, IFR

    Goldman's bond payday spells trouble for rivals

    Capital City | 09 July 2011

    Goldman Sachs seems to have woken up to the attractions of doing business in Asia. While it wields the axe in the US, having recently slashed 230 jobs in its New York office, with the aim of saving around US$1bn in costs over the next year, the firm is b

  • Jonathan Rogers, Chief Analyst, IFR

    Is it time to short Thailand?

    Capital City | 16 July 2011

    The victory of Yingluck Shinawatra’s Puea Thai party in Thailand’s general election two weeks ago sparked memories of the watershed general election that brought Corazon Aquino to power in the Philippines in 1986. Yet after a short period of euphoria, po

  • Asian investors warming to covered bonds

    Bonds | 23 July 2011

    The response of Asian investors to Korea Housing Finance Corp’s US$500m covered bond issue last week hinted at growing enthusiasm for the asset class in the region. Asian buyers brushed off intense global volatility to take up almost half the 5.5-year deal, illustrating the resilience of the covered bond market in difficult market conditions.

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