Thursday, 22 February 2018

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  • Jonathan Rogers

    A cleaner future for Asia's private banks

    People & Markets | 26 August 2016

    I’m writing this on a Swiss train en route from Zurich to Cologne after a relaxing few days with an old friend who has retired to his home town after decades as a private banker in Asia.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    Libor spike is cause for concern

    People & Markets | 12 August 2016

    SOMETHING RATHER ODD is happening in the money markets. Libor is through the roof. It’s supposed to be a temporary spike based on US money market funds avoiding pending regulation, but I wonder.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    Singapore swing doesn't change a thing

    People & Markets | 29 July 2016

    THE SINGAPORE BOND market went into a minor swoon last week on news that oilfield service company Swiber Holdings was to go into receivership. A liquidity crisis at the company, which is facing a raft of notices of demand, effectively left its senior management no viable choice but to go into liquidation.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    1MDB: The end is in sight

    People & Markets | 22 July 2016

    A RESOLUTION TO the scandal at Malaysian state investment company 1MDB came a step closer last week thanks to an intervention by the US authorities.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    Duterte's first test: Dirty Harry or Dull30?

    People & Markets | 15 July 2016

    Less than a month after Rodrigo Duterte was sworn in as president of the Philippines, the paradoxes are beginning to emerge, as I always imagined they would. That Duterte was to be a stinging contrast to all his predecessors as Philippines president had been promised prior to his landslide anointing in May, and the early signs strongly suggest that will indeed be the case.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    Brace yourself for negative Asian bond yields

    People & Markets | 08 July 2016

    Brexit lunacy will help spread negative government bond yields across the globe, says Jonathan Rogers.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    Indonesia's coal offers a cautionary tale for creditors

    People & Markets | 24 June 2016

    FORGIVE MY RETURNING to Indonesia just a week after my last column on the topic but it’s worth the deja vu, since a big(ish) restructuring over there is winding its way to the supposed finish line and it shines a light on much else besides.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    Indonesia sets standard for slowing SEA

    People & Markets | 17 June 2016

    THERE MUST BE big smiles at the Republic of Indonesia’s debt office. In just seven business days this month, the team there has managed to complete the country’s funding needs for the year: a chunky €3bn seven- and 12-year Reg S/144a deal priced on June 7 while a ¥100bn (US$959m) three and five-year Samurai priced last Wednesday. A job well done.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    An Uber moment for the bond market? Not so fast…

    People & Markets | 03 June 2016

    EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT fintech these days and invariably you hear the line “banking’s about to have its Uber moment”, referring to the point in time when that particular mobile phone application caught on – to the delight of drunken stop-outs everywhere and the chagrin of the taxi driving professional.

  • Setting the Asian sovereign standard

    Setting the Asian sovereign standard

    All Special Reports | 02 June 2016

    Indonesia has won its reputation the hard way, after years of brickbats from bankers and investors critical of its heavy-handed approach to issuance, which involved long drawn-out timelines and what became a signature compromising of price tension in the execution process.