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  • Jonathan Rogers

    An Uber moment for the bond market? Not so fast…

    People & Markets | 03 June 2016

    EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT fintech these days and invariably you hear the line “banking’s about to have its Uber moment”, referring to the point in time when that particular mobile phone application caught on – to the delight of drunken stop-outs everywhere and the chagrin of the taxi driving professional.

  • Setting the Asian sovereign standard

    Setting the Asian sovereign standard

    All Special Reports | 02 June 2016

    Indonesia has won its reputation the hard way, after years of brickbats from bankers and investors critical of its heavy-handed approach to issuance, which involved long drawn-out timelines and what became a signature compromising of price tension in the execution process.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    Masters of the universal banking model

    People & Markets | 27 May 2016

    Does the name Alexander Gerschenkron ring a bell? For many readers of this column, I would imagine probably not. Among the Pantheon of famous practitioners of economics – a science that appears more dismal by the week when invoked by hyper-emotional UK politicians – his name is absent. But is he relevant today? Absolutely.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    China's 'rude' attitude to municipal bonds

    People & Markets | 13 May 2016

    THERE WAS A deliciously candid revelation last week into the workings of Britain’s establishment when Queen Elizabeth was caught off-guard complaining that Chinese officials accompanying Xi Jinping and his wife had been “rude” to the British ambassador during their state visit last year. I’m not a monarchist but I have no reason to doubt the veracity of the Queen’s complaint, captured by a television crew’s super-powerful microphone.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    Tough talk?

    People & Markets | 06 May 2016

    BY TUESDAY WE should know who will be the new president of the Philippines.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    Despair and dismay in Japanese bonds

    People & Markets | 29 April 2016

    DESPAIR REIGNS IN the yen bond market. That was the word used by a market veteran whom I recently visited in Tokyo – and it’s easy to see why.

  • Asia's Green bond bonanza

    Asia's Green bond bonanza

    All Special Reports | 28 April 2016

    According to the Climate Bonds Initiative, Green bond issuance totalled US$42.4bn last year, an increase of almost 16% from the US$36.6bn that printed in 2014. Data from Thomson Reuters show exponential growth in supply from Asia-Pacific, with US$498m issued in 2013, US$538m in 2014, US$2.8bn in 2015 and US$8.4bn so far this year.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    1MDB affair a simple confidence trick

    People & Markets | 15 April 2016

    A FOOL AND his money are soon parted, as the saying goes. Just think of the scam emails from Nigeria, which involve a confidence trick for which only the most gullible moron would fall.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    Indonesia's coal creditors on dangerous ground

    People & Markets | 08 April 2016

    Any creditor on the hook to Indonesia’s coal mining industry will not be sleeping easily these days. It appears the country’s nebulous legal framework is set to turn on capital providers in the face of that sector’s brutal – and perhaps terminal – decline.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    Junior bankers need a new trick

    People & Markets | 01 April 2016

    All across Asia, older investment banking staff are facing the ravages of “juniorisation”. This involves the unceremonious dismissal of senior bankers, who are expensive and – unless they resort to cosmetic assistance – look less visually appealing and by neat inference less dynamic by the day.