Monday, 16 July 2018

Jonathan Rogers' s stories

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  • IFR

    Fed debate adding to China panic

    People & Markets | 04 September 2015

    China is giving debt bankers a bad case of fourth-quarter nerves.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    The Great Fall of China is not the main attraction

    People & Markets | 28 August 2015

    THE GREAT FALL of China, Black Monday, call it what you will. The Shanghai main board collapsed last week with a relentless ferocity that brought back the worst days of the global financial crisis and dragged down global equities with it. This, we were told in certain quarters, was the beginning of the financial crisis Part Two that will make the prequel seem tame by comparison.

  • Jonathan Rogers new June 2014

    The Great Fall of China is not the main attraction

    Capital City | 28 August 2015

    China’s volatile markets have everyone looking in the wrong direction.

  • Jonathan Rogers new June 2014

    Asia's old guard faces new test

    Capital City | 21 August 2015

    An emerging markets sell-off will pile more pressure on Asia’s political leaders.

  • IFR

    China bond bulls still riding high

    People & Markets | 14 August 2015

    The renminbi devaluation may have been a shock, but the case for domestic China debt remains intact.

  • IFR

    Thailand’s Teflon reputation is coming unstuck

    People & Markets | 07 August 2015

    Jonathan Rogers is betting against Bangkok.

  • IFR

    Malaysia’s crisis has lessons for Asia

    People & Markets | 31 July 2015

    Slower growth rates will bring more political leaders under public scrutiny.

  • IFR Asia Credit Analyst Jonathan Rogers

    Solar projects are a ray of light for India

    People & Markets | 24 July 2015

    INDIA, UNDER PRIME Minister Narendra Modi, is embarking on a renewable energy drive of staggering ambition. He’s aiming to ramp up energy production from renewables to a massive 200GW by 2022. The scale of that ambition is vast: the current levels of energy derived in India from renewable energy – largely consisting of wind and solar power – is estimated at around 6GW.

  • Jonathan Rogers new June 2014

    Solar projects are a ray of light for India

    Capital City | 24 July 2015

    Country’s renewable energy push is a huge opportunity for global finance, says Jonathan Rogers.

  • IFR

    1MDB probe raises questions for Goldman

    People & Markets | 17 July 2015

    When it comes to Malaysia, capital markets and politics make a dangerous mix.