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Keith Mullin' s stories

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  • IFR-25th Anniversary 1974-1999 - Global change

    All Special Reports | 03 July 1999

    Editing IFR today, at a time of seminal change in international capital markets, is a daunting yet fascinating challenge. Markets that in the 1980s were becoming commoditised have once again pushed innovation, inventiveness and flexibility to the fore.

  • Coal India, a sign of the times

    Capital City | 06 November 2010

    Coal India’s US$3.5bn IPO could become a poster child on two counts; the first reflecting current red-hot global interest in emerging markets; the second showcasing the opposite: the ability of domestic capital markets to mobilise substantial pools of capital, which feeds the growing self-assuredness and greater capital self-sufficiency of major developing economies.

  • Keith Mullin, Editor-at-large, IFR

    The journey's just beginning on bank capital

    People & Markets | 13 November 2010

    The popular quote about focusing on the journey rather than the destination could well have been written about current moves to create the next generation of bank capital instruments and determine the place of hybrid debt in bank capital structures.

  • Keith Mullin, Editor-at-large, IFR

    Failed IPOs: it's the process, stupid

    Capital City | 20 November 2010

    The epidemic of failed IPOs may have nothing to do with valuation mismatches, the poor underlying economy, fund outflows, or market volatility per se. In Europe, at least, it may have everything to do with the fact that issuers have lost faith in the IPO process itself.

  • Keith Mullin, Editor-at-large, IFR

    Where are the Tiger Bonds? Asia's wasted opportunity

    Capital City | 27 November 2010

    Market volatility has once again taken centre stage, with heavy flight-to-quality flows characterising a new cycle of risk-off trades and roiling primary capital markets issuance. Even though the volatility drivers are related to the European sovereign debt burden and concerns about the inviolability of the euro as a c

  • Keith Mullin, Editor-at-large, IFR

    No time to be a hero in investment banking

    Capital City | 04 December 2010

    Who’d be a bank strategist or risk officer at the moment, particularly at a second-line or regional investment bank/CIB with ambitions? The planning environment is in many ways more confusing now than it was during the crisis.

  • Keith Mullin, Editor-at-large, IFR

    Structured finance: no longer the ugly sister

    Capital City | 11 December 2010

    Take a look at the individual segment results of the corporate and investment banking divisions of Europe’s major universal banks and one thing that stands out starkly is the striking change of fortunes of capital markets and trading versus specialised finance revenues.

  • IFR Review of the Year Cover 2010

    IFR Review of the Year 2010

    All Special Reports | 16 December 2010

    Looking back at the past year, it would be easy to summarise the events of 2010 as the global financial crisis Part 1 – the one created by financial market professionals, sleepy regulators, institutional investors and artificially low interest rates – giving way seamlessly to potentially an equally pernicious, tumultuous and damaging global financial crisis Part 2, this time created by profligate, over-indebted European sovereign governments.

  • Keith Mullin, Editor-at-large, IFR

    The US$6trn time bomb

    Capital City | 18 December 2010

    At the risk of being dark and depressing around the traditional season of goodwill, there’s not really a whole lot for the professional market to look forward to in 2011.

  • Keith Mullin, Editor-at-large, IFR

    The laws of (un)intended consequences

    Capital City | 18 December 2010

    Last week’s column (The US$6trn time bomb) focused on the huge and worrisome funding mountain that governments, banks and corporates face in 2011 and suggested that some borrowers will come to grief in their attempts to access a buyer’s market.

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