Friday, 20 July 2018

Keith Mullin' s stories

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  • Keith Mullin

    Asset class status beckons for CoCos as €100bn issuance wave predicted

    Capital City | 06 March 2013

    Interesting note this morning from Satish Pulle, lead portfolio manager at ECM Asset Management, the London-based multi-asset credit investor owned by Wells Fargo; interesting because in the firm’s monthly commentary he looked at the financial credit landscape over the next decade.

  • Keith Mullin, Editor at Large, International Financing Review

    Eurobonds: Are the proposals over-complicating the issue?

    Ticker | 18 August 2011

    Even though Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel roundly discounted at their Tuesday meeting issuance in the short term of joint and severally guaranteed EZ bonds pending (take your

  • IFR Editor-at-large Keith Mullin

    EZ crisis: so little time, so much to do

    Ticker | 24 October 2011

    So here’s where I think we got to over the weekend ahead of the crunch Wednesday meeting at which the grand plan is all supposed to come together: After Sarko and Merkel’s major blow-up row – so much for their much vaunted ‘we’re at one on th

  • Keith Mullin, Editor at Large, International Financing Review

    Living in a bailed-out country is no fun

    Capital City | 06 August 2011

    TO PORTUGAL, where I’m normally taking time out for some well deserved R&R. But it just so happens that the EC, ECB and IMF (aka the Troika) followed me here so I couldn’t resist writing a

  • Keith Mullin, Editor at Large, International Financing Review

    Spanish auction: surprising on the upside for a change

    Ticker | 07 July 2011

    It’s a truism that you can never second-guess future market performance but occasionally the market’s ability to confound is astonishing. Amid the meltdown in peripheral EZ debt caused by Portugal’s downgrade, there was a lot of scepticism about Spain’s government bond auction. But in the event, it hit the top end of the €2bn-€3bn range the government was targeting.

  • Keith Mullin, Editor at Large, International Financing Review

    Teenage scribblers and dozy politicians: what a combination

    Ticker | 12 July 2011

    Dithering politicians; clueless traders; and teenage analysts spouting super-irritating but baseless correlations. It’s a combination from hell. Italy’s position hasn’t changed of late; yet it’s all of a sudden got ensnared by the Eurozone crisis. If you cared to believe the headlines on Monday, the country was basis points of yield away from a bailout, because the refinancing rate inferred by current bond yields would be prohibitive. How ridiculous.

  • Keith Mullin, Editor at Large, International Financing Review

    US banks: what a lousy investment

    Capital City | 20 July 2011

    Goldman Sachs and Bank of America, which both reported Q2 numbers yesterday, have, along with the rest of the industry, taken a beating in the stock market this year. GS’s earnings clearly weren’t what the market was expecting. In all fairness, they were awful.

  • Keith Mullin Commentary image

    ​Advisers vs bankers: final round

    People & Markets | 18 July 2014

    Mullin to market: Grow up.

  • Keith Mullin 475px June 2014

    ​All about the slogan

    Capital City | 23 July 2015

    Which bank has the silliest, oddest or most unfortunately inappropriate slogan out there, asks IFR editor-at-large Keith Mullin.

  • Keith Mullin 475px June 2014

    ​Banks shouldn’t forget why they’re here

    People & Markets | 18 September 2015

    What are banks going to do with their newfound solidity?

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