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  • You can take Santander out of Spain …

    People & Markets | 25 August 2012

    BUT, TO BORROW the old cliché, you can’t take Spain out of Santander. The group has been in the news for a couple of very different reasons in the past week or so: it’s planning the partial IPO of its Mexican subsidiary, while it has also made a brave foray into the senior unsecured euro bond market – the first Spanish bank to attempt such a feat for around six months.

  • IFR Editor-at-large Keith Mullin

    Wrangling over eurobonds: The two sides take shape

    Ticker | 23 August 2011

    For something that’s supposedly not going to happen, the issue of whether or not the Eurozone can and/or will issue joint and several eurobonds refuses to go away. Financial markets were greeted to an array of conflicting statements

  • keith mullin

    Woody calls time – and this time it’s probably for real

    Ticker | 22 November 2016

    Something is afoot at Goldman Sachs. That much is obvious. You just get a distinct sense the succession race that has been one of the most captivating talking points around the market for years, and a constant of Wall Street dinner parties the world over, is accelerating.

  • keith mullin

    Will Trump come through for US banks?

    People & Markets | 11 November 2016

    Editor-at-large Keith Mullin takes stock of the third-quarter performance of US and European banks

  • Keith Mullin 475px June 2014

    Will the real Africa please stand up?

    People & Markets | 09 October 2015

    Editor-at-large Keith Mullin senses optimism about the continent despite recent set-backs.

  • Keith Mullin

    Will the market drink Staley's Kool-Aid?

    Blogs | 02 March 2016

    Did investors overdo the gloom on Barclays on Tuesday? The 10% drop in the wake of Jes Staley’s narrative was surely a bit of a knee-jerk reaction. Sure, the dividend cuts in 2016 and 2017 were a bit of a kick in the nads for the income junkies, but still …

  • Keith Mullin 475px June 2014

    Will investors cope with ABS empowerment?

    People & Markets | 15 May 2015

    Too much hope may be being placed in securitisation.

  • Will Deutsche Bank take Goldman’s crown?

    Capital City | 03 June 2011

    The noise in and around Deutsche Bank’s AGM last week was all about who’s going to replace Josef Ackermann when he retires in 2013. But as there’s little concrete news at this point, I thought I’d focus instead on an intriguing comment Ackermann made at the AGM in response to a questio

  • Keith Mullin Commentary image

    Will clear water emerge between US and Europe?

    People & Markets | 17 April 2015

    US banks look to have the upper hand

  • IFR Editor-at-large Keith Mullin

    Why stop at ratings?

    People & Markets | 22 October 2011

    I SEE THAT Michel Barnier, the European Commission’s internal market and services commissioner is talking about imposing a temporary suspension or even a ban on sovereign credit ratings for countries in the midst of bailout discussions or in

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