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  • keith mullin

    Passing of a legend

    Blogs | 10 March 2016

    If John Gutfreund hadn’t existed, you’d probably have needed to have invented him. The former CEO of Salomon Brothers, who passed away on March 9 aged 86, ran the storied firm from 1978 until a Treasury bond scandal forced him out in 1991. For good or for bad, the King of Wall Street became and remained a market legend.

  • keith mullin

    Blessing's timing looks spot on

    Blogs | 07 March 2016

    Kudos to Commerzbank for showing us just how succession planning should be conducted. After what we’re told was an intensive selection process, Martin Zielke was named yesterday as the new chairman of the board of managing directors (aka CEO) to replace Martin Blessing.

  • keith mullin

    Are bank strategy and EU regulation parting company?

    People & Markets | 04 March 2016

    IS THE EUROPEAN regulatory landscape evolving at cross purposes to the recent direction of travel around bank strategy and investor behaviour? In light of pronouncements from Barclays and Deutsche Bank CEOs Jes Staley and John Cryan, I’m starting to wonder.

  • Keith Mullin

    Will the market drink Staley's Kool-Aid?

    Blogs | 02 March 2016

    Did investors overdo the gloom on Barclays on Tuesday? The 10% drop in the wake of Jes Staley’s narrative was surely a bit of a knee-jerk reaction. Sure, the dividend cuts in 2016 and 2017 were a bit of a kick in the nads for the income junkies, but still …

  • keith mullin

    ​HSBC succession race is on

    People & Markets | 26 February 2016

    SUCCESSION PLANNING IS in the air at HSBC HQ in London. Now that the group has made its decision to stay in London and 2015 earnings are out of the way, the focus has shifted to who takes over from chairman Douglas Flint in the next year or so – we’re told an external candidate – and who replaces Stuart Gulliver as the CEO targets end-2017 as his exit.

  • keith mullin

    Exchanges in driving seat as IBs hunker down

    Ticker | 24 February 2016

    There was a time when people who worked in the exchange world were, well, exchange people; steeped in the traditions and mind-dynamics of stock exchanges. How times have changed.

  • keith mullin

    Who's in the frame for Tom King's job?

    People & Markets | 19 February 2016

    EVERYONE IS ALL over the Tom King story as the head of Barclays’ CIB finally announces his departure. Of course this has been out there for the best part of a year so it’s hardly news. The IB community loves nothing more than a mischievous bout of reckless speculation so if an opportunity presents itself to engage in wild conjecture about who might take over, you’ve gotta take it.

  • keith mullin

    How fat is your ADI bucket, darling?

    Ticker | 17 February 2016

    I’ve watched, listened to and read far more than I needed to about the AT1 debacle and the accompanying debate around bank capital instruments. I’m getting to the point now where I can’t take much more of the nonsense, scaremongering and backward thinking that’s been spouted in some corners.

  • keith mullin

    Should Credit Suisse go for all-out break-up?

    People & Markets | 12 February 2016

    HAVE THINGS GOT so bad at Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse that swirling chatter about break-up and solvency can be taken seriously? Is there a risk that Tidjane Thiam and John Cryan could lose, are in fact losing or indeed have already lost the confidence of their boards, executives, employees, shareholders and the broader ecosystem as they struggle to convince anyone (really) that their strategies are rock-solid and credible?

  • keith mullin

    Jes Men: Building a poor man’s JP Morgan

    Ticker | 10 February 2016

    Well that didn’t last long, did it?