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  • Don’t hold your breath on European bank consolidation

    People & Markets | 18 November 2016

    WERE SOCIETE GENERALE boss Frédéric Oudéa and his UniCredit counterpart Jean-Pierre Mustier taking Mario Draghi at his word about Europe being overbanked and talking turkey on a merger that had a lot of people going in the past few days?

  • keith mullin

    BoC preps London capital markets push

    Ticker | 16 November 2016

    Bank of China’s three-year Green structured covered bond, which celebrated its listing last Friday in a ceremony at the London Stock Exchange, was certainly eye-catching. 

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    Will Trump come through for US banks?

    People & Markets | 11 November 2016

    Editor-at-large Keith Mullin takes stock of the third-quarter performance of US and European banks

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    Next up: Green syndicated loans

    People & Markets | 04 November 2016

    I THOUGHT I’D revisit the topic of green finance as a few related strands have crossed my desk and I’m sure my hordes of “green” fans are missing me.

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    Next up: Green syndicated loans?

    Ticker | 03 November 2016

    I thought I’d revisit the topic of green finance as a few related strands have crossed my desk and I’m sure my hordes of ‘green’ fans are missing me. 

  • Dealers trade on the floor of the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange

    Big Bang at 30: what goes around comes around

    Ticker | 26 October 2016

    The 30th anniversary of Big Bang has come at an opportune moment.

  • Keith Mullin 475px June 2014

    FICC rides to the rescue

    People & Markets | 21 October 2016

    FIXED-INCOME TRADING, the bête noire of investment banking for so long, bailed out what might have been an otherwise so-so third-quarter performance for the Big Five US firms as clients regained some sangfroid and showed more willingness to trade. Now, how often have you heard that?

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    Commerzbank champions Robo-CIB

    People & Markets | 14 October 2016

    DO I SENSE some early excitement around hoped-for future happenings at Commerzbank in the wake of the recently-unveiled restructuring? OK, on the basis that that no-one can be happy about the pain of heavy job cuts, excitement may not be le mot juste.

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    Dispatches from Washington

    Ticker | 12 October 2016

    IFR editor-at-large Keith Mullin reports from the US on regulatory rumblings and capital markets musings.

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    ECB taper and bank investability

    People & Markets | 07 October 2016

    EARLY CHATTER ABOUT the chilling subject that has been hanging over the European bond market for months caught a few people off-guard this past week. Even though there’s not frankly a whole lot new to say, I think reactions to the chatter were so telling that passing comment now is too difficult to pass up. I’m talking, of course, about the dreaded ECB taper.