Monday, 18 December 2017

Keith Mullin' s stories

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  • keith mullin

    Smile and sign – ignore the gun to your head

    People & Markets | 08 July 2016

    WHAT SHOULD WE surmise, I wonder, from that rather odd-looking joint statement from UK finance minister George Osborne and international investment bank heads on London as a world-leading financial centre?

  • keith mullin

    The Bank of England and living in bubble-world

    Ticker | 05 July 2016

    IFR Editor-at large Keith Mullin asks whether UK commercial property is about to confront a prolonged price squeeze or whether it is just more Brexit white noise.

  • keith mullin

    Mustier grasps the UniCredit nettle

    People & Markets | 01 July 2016

    SPARE A THOUGHT for Jean-Pierre Mustier, newly anointed chief executive of UniCredit. Shares in the sprawling banking group were tanking on Friday morning, the day after the announcement of his return, plumbing new depths below €1.86.

  • keith mullin

    Common-sense outcomes emerge for capital markets in Brexit discussions

    Ticker | 29 June 2016

    IFR Editor-at large Keith Mullin examines the regulatory challenges as the dust settles on a post-Brexit London

  • keith mullin

    Brexit will undermine London as a financial centre

    People & Markets | 24 June 2016

    DOES THE UK vote to leave the EU jeopardise London as a financial centre? That’s the question that’s been on everyone’s lips for months. We might not have had a direct answer to that question immediately, with Morgan Stanley denying a BBC report on Friday that the firm had already begun moving 2,000 London-based investment banking staff.

  • keith mullin

    The rise and rise of UK investment banks

    Ticker | 23 June 2016

    IFR editor-at-large Keith Mullin doffs his cap to the rise of UK broker-dealers and investment banks in UK equities and ECM

  • keith mullin

    Capital or regulation: which would you choose?

    People & Markets | 17 June 2016

    WITHOUT ROBUST CAPITAL markets, economies cannot innovate rapidly or grow sufficiently to create new businesses and jobs. Can’t disagree with that, right?

  • keith mullin

    Are investment bank reorganisations futile?

    People & Markets | 10 June 2016

    CAN INVESTMENT BANK reorganisations in and of themselves lead to a durable step-change in the fortunes of a given institution? As in secure a bigger portion of global wallet share and generate a more substantial and sustainable revenue stream?

  • keith mullin

    Could Libor bankrupt the banks?

    Blogs | 07 June 2016

    Just when you thought the most turbulent and dangerous part of the Libor manipulation hurricane had blown itself out, back it comes with a vengeance - not just to darken the doors of the 16 dollar Libor panel bank defendants (including 10 G-SIBs) but to potentially blow those doors off their hinges.

  • keith mullin

    ​When grown men cry – the pain of bank resolution

    People & Markets | 03 June 2016

    IS BANK OF Italy governor Ignazio Visco right in urging the EU to roll back rules aimed at preventing taxpayer-funded state bank bailouts? Frankly, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the European policy, regulatory and supervisory technocrats privately agree with him.