Friday, 21 September 2018

Keith Mullin' s stories

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  • keith mullin

    Are investment bank reorganisations futile?

    People & Markets | 10 June 2016

    CAN INVESTMENT BANK reorganisations in and of themselves lead to a durable step-change in the fortunes of a given institution? As in secure a bigger portion of global wallet share and generate a more substantial and sustainable revenue stream?

  • keith mullin

    Could Libor bankrupt the banks?

    Blogs | 07 June 2016

    Just when you thought the most turbulent and dangerous part of the Libor manipulation hurricane had blown itself out, back it comes with a vengeance - not just to darken the doors of the 16 dollar Libor panel bank defendants (including 10 G-SIBs) but to potentially blow those doors off their hinges.

  • keith mullin

    ​When grown men cry – the pain of bank resolution

    People & Markets | 03 June 2016

    IS BANK OF Italy governor Ignazio Visco right in urging the EU to roll back rules aimed at preventing taxpayer-funded state bank bailouts? Frankly, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the European policy, regulatory and supervisory technocrats privately agree with him.

  • Jefferies

    P&M: Weaver retires as Jefferies Intl chief; Cronin steps in

    Ticker | 03 June 2016

    David Weaver has retired from Jefferies after nine years as chief executive and chairman of the US investment bank’s international operations.

  • keith mullin

    DB downgrade another signal of doom

    People & Markets | 27 May 2016

    WAS THE ONE-NOTCH downgrade by Moody’s of Deutsche Bank’s ratings on May 23, reflecting concern around the increased execution challenges the bank faces in achieving its strategic aim, a further signal that John Cryan’s plans to rehabilitate the bank are doomed?

  • keith mullin

    Who'd want to be CEO of UniCredit?

    Ticker | 25 May 2016

    Does the quest to find a replacement for Federico Ghizzoni as chief executive of embattled UniCredit have just a touch of the ‘who’d want that job’ fatalism around it?

  • keith mullin

    ICMA and the road to full market legitimacy

    People & Markets | 20 May 2016

    TO DUBLIN, WHERE 1,000 people signed up to attend the International Capital Market Association’s annual conference. That’s a record, by all accounts. What’s now called ICMA has been going since 1969 and people fondly recall the former Association of International Bond Dealers annual jamborees. These days, the event is a more thoughtful and serious affair and it’s become one of the highlights of the capital markets calendar.

  • keith mullin

    FICC standards board: another body to clog up the works

    People & Markets | 13 May 2016

    HAS MARK YALLOP, the well regarded market pro appointed this past week to chair the UK’s FICC Markets Standards Board (FMSB), just entered the market standards-cum-regulatory equivalent of that inane ‘How many people can you fit in a Mini’ challenge championed for so long by the equally inane Guinness World Records?

  • US dollar bills

    P2P running out of steam? Thank God!

    Ticker | 12 May 2016

    Has the disruptive force of the P2P lending-cum-crowdfunding tornado been rendered impotent? It certainly looks that way. The alternative lending revolution that emerged from the global financial crisis as a grass-roots anti-bank movement has been curbed. The disruptors have been disrupted by the disruptees. 

  • Trimble Navigation Ltd’s 'GreenSeeker'

    Green bonds: bring in some rules or bring in the regulators

    Ticker | 12 May 2016

    Beware. The Green bond market is being greenwashed. But not in the way you think. And not by the people you think are doing it. If participants want the market to continue to be self-regulated, ICMA needs to get tough. If not – and I say this with considerable hesitation – call in the regulators.