Friday, 14 December 2018

Non-Core Bond Markets Roundtable 2008: Participants

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Sjaak-Jan Baars - Rabobank
Sjaak-Jan Baars began his career at Rabobank working on the investment and liquidity portfolios and since 2003 has been involved in the long-term funding area and is now a vice president, spending significant time working on the origination and execution of niche currency transactions for Rabobank.

Paul Johnson - RBC Capital Markets
Paul Johnson moved back to RBCCM in late 2007 to head up European DCM, having previously worked at the bank from 1998 when it acquired Hambros fixed-income division. He originally joined Hambros Bank in 1991, taking the South African rand platform to a fully integrated local markets fixed income operation.

Moti Jungreis - TD Securities
As Managing Director, Currency Trading and International Fixed Income, Moti Jungreis is responsible for short-term interest rate trading of fixed-income and foreign exchange products. In addition, he is responsible for the global currency trading and international fixed income businesses. He joined TD Securities in 1996.

Isabelle Laurent - EBRD
Isabelle Laurent is deputy treasurer and responsible for the funding department at EBRD. She joined in 1997, having previously spent 13 years in London and Hong Kong in treasury, fixed income and swaps & derivatives origination, trading and marketing with Swiss Bank Corporation International, Nomura International and latterly NatWest Markets.

Horst Seissinger - KfW

Horst Seissinger joined KfW in 1986 and since July 2004 has been Head of Capital Markets and responsible for managing the institution’s funding programmes. Before entering the capital markets department in 1999, he worked in KfW’s Export and Project Finance Department as Head of the Ships and Harbours unit.

David Smith - JPMorgan
David Smith is executive director and head of CEEMEA local currency new issues business at JPMorgan in London. In this capacity he is responsible for the syndication and trading of primary new Eurobond issues in local currency markets in the region. David joined JPMorgan in February 2007 from Royal Bank of Canada.

Holger Kron - Deutsche Bank

Holger Kron is a managing director and head of niche currency Eurobonds and corporate credit retail at Deutsche Bank. He joined the bank in 1989 in the equity trading business before transferring to fixed-income trading in 1991.

Alexander Liebethal - KfW

Alexander Liebethal is vice president within the capital markets department. He joined KfW in 2002 as a trainee in the capital markets department. In 2005, he set up the US MTN programme as a new issue platform and supported the initial marketing effort. Since January 2007, he has focused specifically on KfW’s refinancing in euros.

Philip Wright - Associate Editor, IFR

Michael Winfield - Reporter, IFR


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