Tuesday, 25 October 2016


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Regulators taking another look at costs of Wall St safety rule

24 October 2016

(Reuters) - Just as memories of the financial crisis are fading and tough new banking regulations are beginning to bite, some current and former regulators wonder whether one of the rules is too much of a burden for markets and taxpayers.

Brexit helps Lehman dollar claimants

IFR 2156 22 October to 28 October 2016

The recent weakness in sterling has enhanced the potential returns creditors of Lehman Brothers’ London entity could make by at least US$1bn.

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Moody's says DoJ preparing complaint alleging rating violations

21 October 2016

(Reuters) - Moody’s Corp, parent of ratings agency Moody’s Investor Services, said on Friday the US Justice Department was preparing a civil complaint against the company, alleging violations of federal law in the run-up to the financial crisis.

UK reassures on finance sector stability during Brexit

IFR 2156 22 October to 28 October 2016

Britain will do whatever is needed to ensure the stability of the financial services sector and markets during the process of negotiating its exit from the European Union, Brexit minister David Davis said.

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Swiss lobby US ahead of UBS, Credit Suisse RMBS settlements

20 October 2016

(Reuters) - Switzerland urged US officials to consider the global importance of UBS and Credit Suisse in a recent meeting ahead of potential fines for Switzerland’s two big banks over claims they mis-sold mortgage-backed securities, a top Swiss diplomat said.