Saturday, 23 July 2016


FHA reverses policy

FHA will insure mortgages with PACE assessments

IFR 2143 23 July to 29 July 2016

The Federal Housing Administration has said it will approve mortgages on properties with energy-related home improvements financed through special tax assessments, reversing its previous policy.

US charges HSBC pair for front-running FX trade

IFR 2143 23 July to 29 July 2016

A senior HSBC manager was last week arrested and charged alongside a former foreign exchange executive with engaging in a scheme to front-run a US$3.5bn transaction by one of the bank’s clients, US prosecutors said.

Singapore eases insurers’ risk requirements

IFR 2143 23 July to 29 July 2016

Insurance companies in Singapore will face less onerous restrictions to invest in bonds and equities under new rules the Monetary Authority of Singapore has proposed.

New SEC rules fuel concern over swaps reporting ‘tsunami’

IFR 2143 23 July to 29 July 2016

New Securities Exchange Commission rules requiring dealers to report single name credit default swaps and equity swap transactions to trade repositories has led to concern over a “tsunami” of reporting requirements set to begin early next year.

European Central Bank (ECB) headquarters

Indiscriminate ECB bond buying is ‘QE for the world’

IFR 2143 23 July to 29 July 2016

The European Central Bank has hoovered up bonds with apparently indiscriminate abandon since it implemented its corporate sector purchase plan in June, despite expectations that it would take a more strategic approach.