Monday, 23 July 2018

Richard Leong


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  • Morgan Stanley logo

    Morgan Stanley begins layoffs in credit division

    IFR 2113 12 December to 18 December 2015

    Morgan Stanley has cut staff covering short-term credit and regional broker-dealers, after a quarter in which the bank posted a 42% drop in bond trading, several sources told Reuters.

  • Gross

    Gross exit: confusion, then opportunity

    IFR 2053 4 October to 10 October 2014

    As bond traders began what they thought would be a quiet Friday on September 26, a simple headline crossed their screens: “William H Gross joins Janus Capital”.

  • AIG

    New York Fed sells last of its MLIII assets

    IFR 1948 25 August to 31 August 2012

    Last Thursday the Federal Reserve Bank of New York brought to a close another chapter in the US government’s taxpayer-funded bailouts of 2008, with the sale of its remaining assets of insurer American International Group.