Friday, 21 September 2018

Robert Hogg' s stories

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  • Turkey

    Turkey gains fall away in Monday trading

    Ticker | 25 June 2018

    The rally in Turkish assets after the country’s election results has proved short lived, with the sovereign’s dollar bonds hitting levels wide of Friday’s close.

  • NRW.Bank logo

    NRW.Bank makes Greens a habit

    Ticker | 25 June 2018

    NRW.Bank, which has made a habit of tapping the Green market since its debut in the format in 2013, set final terms on a no-grow €500m 10-year drive-by on Monday off books that were nearly three times subscribed.

  • BEH creeps over the line

    Emerging Markets | 22 June 2018

    Bulgarian Energy Holding succeeded where regional neighbour EPP failed and got its deal done, glad no doubt to take €400m at 3.50% for a seven-year note issue, even if pricing was stuck at guidance.

  • Bears put Turkey under siege

    Emerging Markets | 22 June 2018

    Turkish bonds had appeared to find a floor ahead of Sunday’s crucial elections after a horrendous start to the week, though further pain may lie ahead as doubts about economic policy continue to drive the market.

  • Last rites for Libor as EIB adopts Sonia

    Bonds | 22 June 2018

    The European Investment Bank printed a £1bn floating-rate note issue on Friday in what could become the blueprint for a post-Libor world.

  • EIB

    Last rites for Libor as EIB tacks to Sonia

    Ticker | 21 June 2018

    The European Investment Bank is poised to print a sterling floating-rate note which could become a blueprint for a post-Libor world.

  • Finnvera

    Finnvera pushes into dollars

    Ticker | 19 June 2018

    Finnvera is the latest Nordic issuer to step into the dollar market, as it takes IoIs for a five-year Reg S/144A benchmark.

  • EIB

    EIB brings Sonia landmark in sight

    Ticker | 18 June 2018

    The European Investment Bank is gathering feedback from investors as it prepares to transition from Libor and embrace the new world of Sonia.

  • Naftogaz shortlists banks for bond deal

    Emerging Markets | 15 June 2018

    Naftogaz has shortlisted a group of banks to lead manage a Eurobond offering, according to sources.

  • ECB signals ready, steady go for primary

    Bonds | 15 June 2018

    Dovish guidance from the ECB on interest rates on Thursday offered the much hoped-for signal that issuers were wanting, with a host of mandates promising plenty of primary activity in the coming days.